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Long Overdue Roberto Clemente Movie In The Works

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  • Long Overdue Roberto Clemente Movie In The Works

    Incredibly, there's never been a major motion picture dedicated to one of baseball's all-time greats, Roberto Clemente. Finally, the same studio which produced the "42" movie, has announced plans for a Clemente film. For those who never saw #21 in action, or isn't familiar with his life and career, this has the potential to be an outstanding movie.

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    Here are a few thoughts over what I would hope to see in this biopic: To what extent was Clemente concerned about his aching back throughout his career? Did he have other concerns which bothered him in the day-to-day grind of the season? How was he treated by fans and opposing players or coaches over the course of his career? How will that be portrayed?

    Is the picture based on the book by David Maraniss from a few years back? Will it be a documentary, or another biopic embellished with fiction for the sake of tickets?

    The biography I tried to read about him when I was a kid was boring, and I couldn't finish it. I remember well that he wasn't fully appreciated until after he was gone from the ill-fated plane trip.
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      Wasn't he a bad teammate?
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        To answer a couple questions here, yes, the film is based on the David Maraniss book. And no, he wasn't a bad teammate, but did have issues with a few Pirates in the 1960s, Latino players faced serious hurdles in that era. Later, Clemente was a role model for the Stargells, Olivers, and Parkers, as baseball became more integrated.


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          Hopefully this will be better than 42. 42 was movie of the week quality. Afterschool special dreck.
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