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Best recent ( last 5-10 years) baseball movies

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  • Best recent ( last 5-10 years) baseball movies

    Many of the classic baseball movies are now quite old. Of course in the last years there have been huge blockbusters with 42 and moneyball but other than that I have not encountered many notable baseball movies in the last decade. What good movies are there?
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    Here is a link for a list of baseball movies, with the years of production.

    Upon reviewing the list, one movie I did not know about was The Final Season, and so I added that to my Netflix queue. The reviews are decent.

    I also thought about a cartoon movie named Everybody's Hero. The year of production was in question, but it is listed as 2006, and so is recent enough for you. That movie was pretty good, even though it is Disneyish and meant for kids.

    Upon reviewing the list in that link, it cannot be a recent list, because Moneyball isn't listed at all, FWIW. The list takes the reader through 2008, and includes a movie which Netflix lists as 2009, named The Perfect Game. Reviews on that one are decent as well.

    So, it was a productive effort to research. Since 2010, however, we don't have much to see.
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      I know there have been some films. but I was asking more about People who have seen films and can recommend one. I can Google Reviews too but those are of course mostly by casual fans.
      I now have my own non commercial blog about training for batspeed and power using my training experience in baseball and track and field.


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        If you only want to go back 10 years or less, then I highly recommend The Final Season. Its based on a small town high school team and stars Sean Astin. The movie is more focused on community and building strength within a community than it is baseball. Without spoiling it, there are moments, like when he takes a few "raw kids" that "hate baseball" and turns them into decent players / people. However, those "baseball moments" are few and far between, so if you're looking for a pure baseball movie, you may not enjoy it. I liken the movie to The Rookie, but more focused on community.


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          I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier, but there was a documentary titled "Knuckleball" that came out a few years ago. It was a very good documentary that focused on the knuckleball pitchers and their special bond with one another.


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            The Battered ******** of Baseball - Just watched this on Netfli x. Loved it. Great story about just loving the game of baseball, and has made me want to get back playing in the local adult league.


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