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    This was a late '70s production of a popular play for TV by WTTW (PBS) in Chicago. I watched this several times as a kid and just loved it, cannot remember many details after so many years but it was sort of a slice of life piece about the characters who hung around the bleachers at Wrigley. There was a character based loosely on Ronnie Woo Woo and a great scene with the entire cast staring him down after a particularly irritating and insane stretch of screaming. Being about the Cubs, I believe there was a big buildup with all the characters being more and more excited about the Cubs apparently being on the verge of winning a big game, only to have them blow it and send spirits crashing. Possibly followed by a realization that spending time with their fellow fans was more important than the game and they will all see each other soon at another Cubs loss, anyway.
    Sure would like to see this again...anybody else remember it?

    EDIT - Shoulda known, it's on YouTube!!
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