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Fox orders new pilot called "Pitch"

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    Paris Barclay is directing the pilot.
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      I watched the pilot last night. I have to admit, it was better than I had expected and I plan to watch at least a few more episodes. It is setting itself up as a character driven show, and the "inside baseball" stuff has been sanitized for family viewing, but there is a baseball focus.

      Actually, one thing I have to get used to: there are scenes of various TV sports shows (ESPN and the like) talking about her and, of course, during those scenes, they have scores of other games scrolling at the bottom of the screen. I had to keep reminding myself that those were not real scores.

      The basic premise is that she is brought up to be a 5th starter because of an injury to another player. Her out pitch is the ability to throw a screwball (it being admitted that she doesn't have the arm to throw an overpowering fast ball). And, at the end of the pilot, the injured pitcher (who fully expects her to be sent down once he is healthy) warns her that the other 29 teams will soon figure out her "trick pitch." I imagine future episodes this season will show her trying to develop other pitches.
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