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Tom Seaver Pitched To Ted Williams!!!

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  • Tom Seaver Pitched To Ted Williams!!!

    I have a few old VHS tapes of "Greatest Sports Legends" TV shows, and they are real treasures.
    I was shopping with my dad in a drugstore and he told me I could pick up a few of them. I ended up with Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle...the also had Willie Mays and Hank Aaron and I originally asked for them instead of the two Yanks, but my dad got a pained look on his face and asked me if I REALLY wanted those guys. He didn't like me picking the black players, unfortunately...he was paying, so I went with the all white lineup. :^(
    DiMaggio was pretty chilly in his and didn't give poor Paul Hornung much to work with. Mantle was friendly, but kind of goofy and boring...there was an awkward moment where Hornung told Mick that he had really nice arms, and he just said that was from the mines when he was young. I was worried about a bromance developing.
    Williams was by far the most interesting, and the show opened with a great scene. Seaver is on the mound, and Ted is at the plate with a bat (think this was at Ted's old high school). Williams says it is a tie game, two out, bases loaded, bottom of the 9th, 3-2 count. He even has to bellow "BASED LOADED!!!" at Tom to make sure he understands the gravity of the situation. Seaver winds up and delivers...Ted watches the pitch go by...Ted yells "BALL FOUR!!!" and starts trotting to first with a smile.
    Ted was very animated in his conversations and even nails Seaver for not doing his homework...Williams was talking about playing in his school and mentions that he was a pitcher. Seaver was surprised and Ted bellowed, "YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT?!?!?"
    Seaver hemmed and hawed a little bit.
    "You didn't know that?!?!?"
    Seaver looked chastened.
    Ted emphasized, "I was a PITCHER", and continued with his story.
    Seaver did not read "My Turn At Bat" to get ready for the interview, and I think that ticked Ted off.
    "If I drink whiskey, I'll never get worms!" - Hack Wilson

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