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The hidden game of baseball

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  • The hidden game of baseball

    Hi guys

    Has anybody happen to have read this book by John thorn I though about picking that up and big data baseball and would love to hear your guys opinions



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    The HGOB is my favorite baseball Stat book. I first read it in 1984, and highlighted it like a college textbook, writing in the margins and all.

    The tool of Linear Weights for multiple positions was most interesting. I realize the reference material in the back pages is far outdated, but the ideas are timeless. Furthermore, Palmer and Thorne avoided the habit Bill James had of offering opinions. In other words, opinions of James are okay, but sometimes I like to form my own first.
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      It's a very informative read that doesn't require a huge background in math. I recommend it above The Book if you're a more casual fan of the game and its statistics. Or if you're a hardcore baseball guy, I'd still say go for it :guitar:
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