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    I wasn't enthused about the Big Bam. I think it's Montville's style because I didn't care for his book about Ted Williams either.


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      I actually didn't think I would like the new Ruth book, Big Bam, because Ruth has been done and redone but I did. Montville doesn't go into as much detail as some might but he he touched on all the topics and he focused on things that others might not. In the end he brought in a variety of ways to see the man (actually, I have it on audiotape and I'm on #6 or 10). I definitely think it's a valuable addition to the Ruth library.

      Two things I didn't care for was his repeated use of the term "fog" to describe details of Ruth's life that cannot be fully documented. What bothers me is that Ruth is the most written about sports figure in history. While there is fog in any bio, it would be more appropriate perhaps on any other subject. The second is the seemingly endless discussion of sportswriter Hunt - who cares.


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        Originally posted by bkmckenna
        because Ruth has been done and redone
        On any given day, a cursory glance at will show a rather surprising number of Babe books. Just did a search. Behold the unbelievable number.

        Tom Meany - Babe Ruth: The Big Moments of the Big Fellow 1951
        Tom Meany - Babe Ruth: The Real Story of the King of Swat
        Wagenheim, Kal - Babe Ruth: His Life and Legend
        Leigh Montville - The Big Bam: The Life And Times of Babe Ruth
        Jim Reisler - Babe Ruth: Launching the Legend
        Babe Ruth Slept Here: The Baseball Landmarks of New York City

        Hall, Donald - When Willard Met Babe Ruth
        When Willard Met Babe Ruth
        Burleigh, Robert Wimmer, Mike
        Home Run: The Story of Babe Ruth
        Smith, Robert
        Babe Ruth's America
        BABE RUTH'S AMERICA: A Warm & Rollicking Portrait of the Babe & His Times
        Sobol, Ken
        Babe Ruth & the American Dream
        Babe Ruth and the American Dream
        Glenn Stout
        Babe Ruth
        Bill Gutman
        It's Outta Here!: The History of the Home Run from Babe Ruth to Barry Bonds
        Dan Gutman
        Babe Ruth and the Ice Cream Mess
        George Beim
        Babe Ruth: A Daughter's Portrait
        Clare Gault; Frank Gault
        The Home Run Kings: Babe Ruth, Henry Aaron
        Frank Murphy
        Babe Ruth Saves Baseball!
        Jean L. S. Patrick
        The Girl Who Struck Out Babe Ruth
        Seaver, Tom
        How I Would Pitch To Babe Ruth
        How I Would Pitch To Babe Ruth: Seaver VS. The Sluggers
        Kerry Banks
        The Babe Ruth Era: Old-time Baseball Trivia
        Paul Aron
        Did Babe Ruth Call His Shot?: And Other Unsolved Mysteries of Baseball
        Lucinda Landon
        Meg Mackintosh and the Case of the Missing Babe Ruth Baseball
        Meg Mackintosh and the Case of the Missing Babe Ruth Baseball (Solve-It-Yourself Mystery)
        Meg Mackintosh: Two Mysteries: The Case of the Missing Babe Ruth Baseball and the Case of the Curious Whale Watch
        Richards, Kenneth
        Babe Ruth People of Destiny
        Babe Ruth
        People of Destiny: Babe Ruth
        Graham, John Alexander
        Babe Ruth Caught in a Snowstorm
        Lisa Eisenberg
        The Story of Babe Ruth, Baseball's Greatest Legend
        The Story of Babe Ruth: Baseball's Greatest Legend (Famous Lives)
        John Joseph Sterne
        Young Babe Ruth: His Early Life and Baseball Career from the Memoirs of a Xaverian Brother
        Lawrence S. Ritter
        The Babe: The Game That Ruth Built
        Ruth, George Herman
        Babe Ruth's Own Book of Baseball
        Kerry Kenne
        The Babe in Red Stockings: In-Depth Chronicle of Babe Ruth with the Boston Red Sox, 1914-1919
        Stewart, Wayne
        Babe Ruth: A Biography
        Allan Wood
        BABE RUTH and the 1918 Red Sox: Babe Ruth and the World Champion Boston Red Sox
        Babe Ruth and the 1918 Red Sox
        1918 : Babe Ruth and the World Champion Boston Red Sox
        Canter, Len
        Babe Ruth: Heroes of America
        Heroes of America: Illustrated Lives Babe Ruth
        Heroes of America, Babe Ruth
        Brandt, Keith
        Babe Ruth Home Run Hero
        Shortt, Tim
        The Babe Ruth Ballet School
        James Haskins
        Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron: The Home Run Kings
        Babe Ruth And Hank Aaron - The Home Run Kings Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co.
        Allen, Lee
        Babe Ruth: His Story in Baseball
        BABE RUTH Book and Video "Babe"
        Rae Bains
        Babe Ruth
        Babe Ruth (Famous Men and Women)
        Adomites, Paul and Saul Wisnia
        Babe Ruth: His Life and Times
        Adler, David A.
        Cam Jansen & the Mystery of the Babe Ruth Baseball (Cam Jansen Ser.)
        Cam Jansen # 6: and the Mystery of the Babe Ruth Baseball
        Daniel, Daniel M.
        Babe Ruth: The Idol of the American Boy.
        Allen, Bob
        The 500 Home Run Club: Baseball's 16 Greatest Home Run Hitters from Babe Ruth to Mark McGwire
        McLeese, Don
        Babe Ruth
        GILBERT, Thomas
        Soaring Twenties: Babe Ruth and the Home-Run Decade
        Deadball: Major League Baseball Before Babe Ruth
        Berke, Art
        Babe Ruth
        Stamaty, Mark Alan
        Too Many Time Machines: Or, the Incredible Story of How I Went Back in Time, Met Babe Ruth, and Discovered the Secret of Home Run Hitting
        Verral, Charles Spain
        Babe Ruth Sultan of Swat
        Christopher, Matt Stout, Glenn
        Babe Ruth: Legends in Sports
        Comic Book
        Babe Ruth Sports Comics No 3 August 1949
        Daniel, Dan; Salsinger, H. G.
        Elysian Fields Quarterly
        Elysian Fields Quarterly. The Baseball Review. Volume 11. Number 3. 1992. Paper. Dubuque, Ia.: Brown And Benchmark. 1992. (First Edition). Slim Octavo. Pictorial Wraps. Foredge Has a Tiny Stain Else Fine. a Beautiful Copy Of Volume 11, Number 3 ("The ...
        Hahn Photographs
        Babe The Sports Career Of George Ruth
        Hoff, Syd, Illustrated by: Syd Hoff
        Mighty Babe Ruth
        Industries, Academic
        Babe Ruth
        Mooser, Stephen
        Babe Ruth & the Home Run Derby
        N / A
        The Babe: Babe Ruth Movie,Video, Vhs, George Herman "Babe" Ruth. Starring John Goodman
        Babe Ruth (Sports Immortals)
        Seaver, Tom; Smith, Norman Lewis.
        How I Would Pitch to Babe Ruth By Tom Seaver and Norman Lewis Smith By Tom Seave
        Weber, Bruce
        Babe Ruth
        Adler, David A. Natti, Susanna
        The Mystery of the Babe Ruth Baseball
        Associated Press Sports Staff
        Sports Immortals-HardBack-10 3/4x 8 3/4 Size-Red Grange-Ty Cobb-Paavo Nurmi-Gordie Howe-Joe Namath-Willie Mays-Jim Thorpe-Helen Wills Moody-Walter Johnson-Joe Louis-Babe Ruth-Bobby Jones-Jack Dempsey-Johnny Weissmuller-Sonja Henie-Bill Tilden-Babe Zaharia
        The Story of Babe Ruth
        Home Run - The Story of Babe Ruth (pb)
        Carmichael, John P. As Told To
        My Greatest Day in Baseball By Babe Ruth, Joe Di Maggio, Dizzy Dean and 44 All Time Greats.
        Considine, Bob
        THE BABE RUTH STORY By Babe Ruth As Told to Bob Considine
        David A. Adler
        Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones/Babe Ruth Baseball Flip (Cam Jansen)
        David S. Nuttall
        Babe Ruth's Greatest Hits: Dramatic Highlights
        Eisenberg No Illustration
        The Story Of Babe Ruth Baseball's Greatest Legend
        Ernestine Miller
        The Babe Book George Herman Ruth Baseball Player
        Fro-Joy Ice Cream
        Picture Cards of Babe Ruth
        Gault, Clare, and Gault, Frank
        The Home Run Kings: Babe Ruth And Henry Aaron (tx 2728)
        Greenwood Publishing Group
        Babe Ruth: A Biography
        Hanft, Joshua & Larkin, Rochelle
        Heroes of America : Babe Ruth
        Harwell Ernie
        Diamond Gems-HardBack-Stories Never Told Before Babe Ruth Ty Cobb Leo Durocher Casey Stengel Mickey Mantle And Ted Williams
        Haskins Photographs
        Babe Ruth And Hank Aaron
        Heroes of America
        Babe Ruth
        Howard W. Rosenberg
        Cap Anson 4: Bigger Than Babe Ruth-Captain Anson of Chicago (Cap Anson)
        Jenkinson, Bill
        The Year Babe Ruth Hit 104 Home Runs: Recrowning Baseball's Greatest Slugger
        John A. Mercurio
        Babe Ruth's Incredible Records and the 44 Players Who Broke Them
        Liss, Howard
        Champions Of The Babe Ruth League
        Nicholson, Lois
        Babe Ruth : Sultan of Swat
        No Author
        Pirone, Dorothy Ruth (w/Chris Martens)
        My Dad, The Babe Growing Up with an American Hero (Babe Ruth)
        Ritter, Lawrence S.; Rucker,Mark
        THE BABE,The Game That Ruth Built,Book and CD Rom
        Robert N. Keane
        Baseball and the Sultan of Swat: Babe Ruth at 100
        Rubin, Louis D., Jr
        Babe Ruth's Ghost and Other Historical and Literary Speculations
        Scholastic Professional Books
        Mystery of Babe Ruth Baseball
        Spencer, J. W.
        Babe Ruth! Babe Ruth! (We Know What He Can Do) Sheet Music with Original Lapel Pin
        Stevens, Julia Ruth with Gilbert, Bill
        Babe Ruth: Major League Dad - A Daughter's Cherished Memories
        ALL 8 HEROES OF AMERICA - Babe Ruth - Clara Barton - Daniel Boone - Jackie Robinson - Benjamin Franklin - Eleanor Roosevlt - George Washington - Martin Luther King Jr
        Weldon Martin
        Babe Ruth
        William Jay Jacobs
        They Shaped the Game : Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, and Jackie Robinson

        See also:

        Babe Ruth
        Babe Ruth - The Life Behind the Legend
        Babe Ruth (Babe Ruth) [Hardcover] by
        Babe Ruth Limited-Edition Baseball
        The Babe Ruth Story
        Babe Ruth Story, The. Dutton Ny 1948
        Babe Ruth :The Big Moments of the Big Fellow (The Big League Baseball Library.
        Babe Ruth, From Baseball Legends Series.
        Babe Ruth's Own Book Of Baseball
        Baseball Legends: Babe Ruth
        Baseball's Immortals The Story of Babe Ruth
        Biography: Babe Ruth
        Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Babe Ruth Baseball
        CJ & Mystery/Babe Ruth Baseball
        Heroes of America: Babe Ruth (Illustraded Lives Series)
        The Joe Williams baseball reader : the glorious game from Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth to the amazing Mets : 50 years of baseball writing by the celebrated newspaper columnist /
        The Joe Williams Baseball Reader: The Glorious Game, from Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth to the Amazing Mets : 50 Years of Baseball Writing
        Legends in Pinstripes (Babe Ruth The Life Behind the Legend / Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio / The Definitive Story of Mickey Mantle)
        The Reader's Digest: What Baseball Owes To Babe Ruth, A Veteran Speaks UpTo Congress, Traffic Jam, Lazy Man's Orchard
        SATURDAY EVENING POST JULY 22, 1950 (Taos, New Mexico, Babe Ruth Pic, Leslie Ford 'murder is the Payoff, Part 3 of 7 Part Serial)
        When Babe Ruth Was Your Age: Feats and Fumbles of Athletes and Champions
        Jacobs, G.; McCrory, J. R.; Luciano, Ron
        Baseball Rules in Pictures: Little Leaguers, Babe Ruth Teams, and Baseball Fans of All Ages Learn the Rules, Check Close Calls, and Enjoy the Game More!
        The Saturday Evening Post
        The Saturday Evening Post - October 9, 1920 - Pathe Actuelle Records - Full Page Ad - Featuring Babe Ruth The Saturday Evening Post 1920
        Cover Painting by Newsweek Magazines Bob Engle
        Newsweek Magazine August 14,1961 Baseball Player on Cover ,Cover Painting by Bob Engle Home Run Year 8/14/61 Assault on Babe Ruth Record Led by New York Yankees Mickey Mantel & Roger Maris
        Van Riper Jr., Guernesey : Illustrated By William B. Ricketts
        Babe Ruth: Baseball Boy: #77 Childhood Of Famouse Americans Series
        Introduction Mel Allen, red ,black white pictorial endpapers with tiny stain,inner hinges slightly starting ,profusely illustrated,back blank free ...
        Giant Book of Sports How These Stars Play The Game Joe DiMaggio,Dempsey Babe Ruth,Rockne Louis Ott Cobb Tilden Budge Day Holman Davis Lujack Robinson Bee Tunney Fulks Beard Varipapa Durocher Marble,history Baseball ,history Football Boxing Tennis B
        Arthur Daley, inner flap DJ light Stain,blank endpapers light Stain,illustrated
        Inside Baseball Times at Bat a Half Century of the National Pastime ( Stories about Babe Ruth,Ty Cobb,Walter Johnson,Ted Williams,Stan Musial,Joe DiMaggion,Cy Young ,Jackie Robinson ,Lou Gehrig ETC )
        Ruth, Babe; Consodine, Bob (as told to)
        THE BABE RUTH STORY, by Babe Ruth as told to Bob Considine, with 49 hotographs


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          Hitting in the Clutch

          I just read Hitting in the Clutch by Brad Bauer and thought it was the funniest book I have read in ages. It is kind of like Ball Four for the new millinium. I would really like to see a book review of it.


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