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Project with fans of MLB in Spain

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  • Project with fans of MLB in Spain

    Hello, my name is Àngel Lluís Carrillo Pujol, from Spain.

    I’m writing in a Spanish Newspaper, Diario AS, @diarioas. Here my articles. I’m writing in another web specialized in baseball and another sports of USA –I write here about Sabermetrics-

    Here in Spain there aren’t a lot of fans of different clubs or fans or baseball, is a sport with a small fan base, but very supporters of the MLB.
    For next season I’ll write a lot of articles about MLB, and I need the opinion of the fans, not only the opinions of the writers of ESPN, Yahoo, Fangraphs, BP… Will be nice have something more fresh, more spontaneous, less professional and more passionate. And I think about have contact with fans of the different teams. What’s the idea?

    If you want participate only send me a mail, with your name, your Twitter account, and your favourite team –you can have one team, two or all the teams-. Say, too, if you want answer generic questions about baseball. When I write an article about some franchise I’ll ask the fans of this team about the history that I’m writing in this moment.

    An example

    If I’m writing an article about the injury of David Price, I’ll ask to the fans:

    -Do you think this injury will affect the performance of the team during the season? Will be this year better for David Price that last year? Do you have a projection for David Price?…
    The fans can answer or not: one line or 20 lines, whatever you want, and I will write the article with your opinion, in quotation marks, with your name and your Twitter account –or if you want your Facebook account, link to your blog, whatever. If you speak Spanish and you give your answer in Spanish will be Great, in English I’ll translate to Spanish.

    The idea is that the opinion that you can write in answer of an article in internet, you can publish in a Spanish Web about baseball.

    If you are interested in the project, please, send me a mail: [email protected]

    Thanks for your time and best regards.

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