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The Natural or Field of Dreams?

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    Field of dreams, because I have never seen the natural.... not because I dont want to just havent made the time.


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      field of dreams, i went to that place to it was pretty cool
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        The Natural, period!!

        In my opinion, the BEST baseball movie i have seen in the last 20 odd years has been "The Natural", hands down! Just about everthing in that movie is well produced,well acted and just over all well done."Field of Dreams" is a great BB movie, but in a "Fantasy" way!! Bull Durham is another good one but in a more dirtier way, you know, with Susan Saradam in it and all the sexual references."The Natural" is my pick.


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          Field of Dreams is one of my favorite movies of all time. As far as baseball movies go, Bull Durham would be next followed by The Natural,


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            Field of Dreams, one word "Magic"


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    's the

              Natural....Roy Hobbs could anyone not like that monster
              homerun blast at wrigley ? or Pop Fisher..'I should have been a farmer'

              or the scene when the Knights were floundering, and the 3rd baseman
              takes a grounder in his cup...arghhhhhhh...

              As for field of dreams..someone called it magic...hmmm, more like
              black magic....LOL...All in all, two really great films, you CAN'T go
              wrong with either..especially on DVD..with Extras


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                I'll take "Bull Durham" or "Major League" over either one of them.
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                  You know, I like 61* and got the DVD for like 7 bucks.

                  Of the two, Field of Dreams and The Natrual, I'll have to go with Field of Dreams by a whisker.


                  Pride of the Yankees, many scenes were filmed at old LA Wrigley and had some of the payers actually in the film.

                  Major League.

                  Naked Gun
                  , the baseball scenes were too funny with Reggie trying to kill the Queen, and Leslie Nielson trying to throw out an umpire.


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                    1. Eight Men Out

                    2. The Sandlot

                    3. The Natural

                    4. Bang the Drum Slowly

                    5. Damn Yankees

                    6. Field of Dreams...Talk about cheesy, I think Kraft produced this. Its pompus posturing and disingenuosness make it all the more insufferable.The picture wheezes along using hackneyed, contrived plot devices that would be laughed out of any freshman scriptwriting class. Most of all, the long-winded and sanctimonious monologus about the majesty of the game, there only to get easy tears from the audience is equally mondane. Love all of Kinsella's works, especially his short stories, but the film does not stand up to the story.
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                      Don't want to piss anyone off with my first post, but I have to agree wholeheartedly with lamearm's assessment of Field of Dreams. It seems to me to be a film almost wholly worshipped for its unabashed nostalgia and melodrama. It's the epitome of a poorly made chick flick - but for guys. That is, the plot tosses substance right out the window and relies on over-wrought masculine sentimentalities. I like a movie with some basic male appeal, but Field of Dreams is the weeper you watch with your Pops - only there's no actual drama here about which to cry. Booooring.

                      On the other hand, The Natural is a pretty interesting and complicated re-working of a medieval quest tale. I took a class in college that covered The Natural and I think it deserves a lot of respect as both a baseball and literary novel.

                      But, hello everyone!
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                        The Natural by a wide margin for me. As I said in the other thread, The Natural is my all-time favorite movie ever. I love the scene when Hobbs hits the homerun into the lights to win the penate and all the other lights explode, and sparks fall by his feet as he rounds the bases. Love everything about the movie.

                        I like Field of Dreams, but personally I think it gets overated by alot of people.
                        go sox.



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                          Field of Dreams....hands down for this poll.

                          Originally posted by KHenry14
                          Too bad his dad threw like a girl!


                          You meant that as a put-down, didn't you??? :grouchy

                          Though I do agree with what you were implying. It does strike me as odd that out of all the men in the world...heck, even just all the male actors in the world...they couldn't have found ONE who could actually throw?
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                            I'll go for the Field of Dreams.


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                              Field of Dreams is the one movie that I felt was better than the book. It's been a long time since I have seen The Natural, so I'll pick FOD.
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                                I enjoyed both movies very much but the movie Field of Dreams is very different than the book Shoeless Joe Comes To Iowa......


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