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  • Favorite/Least Favorite Signatures

    A lot of signatures are just scribbles, but some players' are high quality.

    I'd like to know some of your favorite and least favorite autographs (base your decisions on the quality of the signature, not the skills of the player).

    Top 4 Favorites: Felix Hernandez, Ernie Banks, Yogi Berra, and Fernando Valenzuela
    Top 4 Auto's.JPG

    Bottom 4: Greg Maddux (Worst), Manny Ramirez, Mark Mulder, and Frank Thomas
    Bottom 4 Autos.JPG
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    Some of my favorites:
    Ray Durham, Joe Crede

    My 2 worst:
    Jack McDowell

    Jack McDowell possibly has the uglist sig I've ever seen.
    Ron Kittle
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      most of the newer signatures just look like chicken scratches, or scribbles lol.


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        Coolest Auto Ever !

        Jay was a good player with a good popularity in and out of the Seattle area.

        Sweet signature too.
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          These are all from my personal collection. These are all HOF'ers, but I also have others that look really nice that I don't have scans of.


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            I don't have a picture on hand (all my autographs are packed up for our upcoming move), but So Taguchi signs in English and Japanese, which is really cool. I post it once it's unpacked.
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              I don't have the pictures, but Juan Pierre and Willie Mays have pretty bad autographs. Willie's was just a scribble, and Juan's was like J-P-.
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                Mays must have come a long way-my signed ball is well-signed. I love the older Barry Bonds sig. The new one is easy to read, but it lacks character. Monte Irvin's is no beauty. Stargell & McCovey have cool sigs. Just looked at my Mays ball, it is rather ugly after all (but I still dig it).


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                  least and favorite

                  I'd have to say freddy garcia has the worst signature. It looks like it's upside down, and i have no clue how that is freddy garcia. heres a pic-
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                    Easiest sigs to read:

                    Rafael Belliard
                    Ron Hodges
                    the late Ted "Double Duty" Radcliffe
                    Terry Pendleton, especially before 2003
                    Bobby Cox
                    Glenn Hubbard
                    CJ Nitkowski
                    Javier Vazquez
                    Alejandro Pena
                    Gene Clines
                    the late Johnny Oates

                    Coolest looking sigs that you can't necessarily read:

                    Luis Gonzalez
                    Garret Anderson
                    Damion Easley
                    Joe Girardi
                    Mark Grace


                    Johnny Damon
                    Adam Kennedy
                    the late Ken Caminiti
                    Harold Baines
                    Jay Howell
                    Ben Broussard


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                      My Best looking is Clint Barmes + So Taguchi, sorry no piz
                      The worst is Matt Holliday and Rafael Palmiero


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                        As you might guess, my fav is Al Kaline.
                        He always signs nice and clean and clear.
                        I have dozens of his autos.
                        1968 and 1984, the greatest ever.


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                          Charles Gehringer has to have one of the nicest signatures ever.

                          The wosrt I ever saw was Mariners' prospect Ryan Anderson. It looked like it was produced by a two year old on crack.


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                            Originally posted by The Commissioner
                            The wosrt I ever saw was Mariners' prospect Ryan Anderson. It looked like it was produced by a two year old on crack.
                            I agree. My 1 year old daughter can write as well. (But she's not on crack!)
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