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What are your best cards?

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  • What are your best cards?

    I have a top 5:

    (The Fisk, which is /25)

    (The Buehrle, which is 4/5)


    2 and 1:
    2 is the Patch/Auto, which is /35, and 1 is the "Big Hurt" notation, which is /100

    Let's see what everybody else has!
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    I don't have many of the recent cards. The inserts and memorabilia cards kind of ruined the hobby for me. But I'm getting back into the older stuff again. Current bests are my:
    1959 Topps Mickey Mantle
    1972 Carlton Fisk Rookie
    1982 Topps Traded set with Cal Ripken Jr Rookie
    1981 Pro Cards Wade Boggs Minor League
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      Well, I know I have some. The one I know is the best is the 1963 Fleer Warren Spahn. I'll make a list as soon as I figure it out.
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        I've only recently started collecting, so I don't have much, and I don't have a lot of good stuff, but I do have a couple Ichiro rookies (Topps, Upperdeck, Fleer), and have a 1st edition 2004 topps (of Ichiro). I also have started picking up a few Felix Hernandez rookies.

        One of my personal favorites, I actually don't know how much it is (got it for free), is a 1977(?) Kellogg's Corn Flakes All-Star card of Rod Carew, still in excellent condition, and still in the original plastic package.
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          80 topps rickey henderson rc
          89 ud griffey rc
          86 topps bonds rc
          85 topps mcguire rc


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            68 Nolan Ryan RC
            68 Johnny Bench RC
            68 Pete Rose
            68 Bob Gibson
            66 Don Sutton RC

            They're good cards, and they were all given to me by my uncle


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              1909-11 T206 Tinker portrait (SGC 10 - poor)
              1909-11 T206 Elberfeld (Washington portrait; raw VG-EX)
              1887 N28 Allen & Ginter Mike "King" Kelly (raw EX)
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                difficult to say, my "best" cards arent my most valuable. i have 2 psa 10 canseco donruss rookies, several of the rare 1991 to 1993 elite donruss cards, they are priceless to me but in reality not worht much....


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                  I try not to focus TOO much on value (and collect no new cards/inserts), but my fav is probably my 1960 Topps Yaztremski RC - traded a HUGE pile of cards to a dealer for this when I was maybe 14. One of my proudest collecting moments.

                  I also have rookie cards of Allie Reynolds (1948), Sutton, Fingers, Fisk, Molitor/Trammell, Smith, Henderson, McGwire, Young, and a bunch more from the 1970's and 1980's.

                  I started collecting in the late 1980's, and bought or traded for all my cards myself, so I'm pretty proud of the older stuff.
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                    I've got a Reggie Jackson rookie and Stan Musial's first Topps Card.

                    As far as non-baseball goes, I have a mint '86 Fleer Jordan rookie that I pulled from a wax pack back when I was 12 yrs old.
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