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Topps BK Phillies Set - 1979

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  • Topps BK Phillies Set - 1979

    In 1979, Topps issued special mini-sets to Burger Kings in a few major league cities. A pack of three cards with a checklist came with whatever Burger King's equivalent of a happy meal was at the time. The cards looked EXACTLY like the regular Topps issues of that year with the exception that the cards in the mini-sets had different numbers. I've had about half the Phillies set for years and never run across any to try and complete the set. Then this year for Christmas, Mrs. Kroxquo found a case of them for sale on Ebay and bought them for me. Now that the box has arrived, I find that not only do I have enough to complete my set, but I have enough for five more complete sets. Included in the sets are Carlton, Schmidt and Rose cards. I think those are the only ones that would have any value. Phillies collectors might be interested in Luzinski, Bowa, McGraw, and the rest, but I can't see much demand beyond that. My question is this. If I wanted to turn around and sell the extra cards on Ebay, would I be better selling the sets in their entirety, or pulling out the Roses, Schmidts and Carltons and selling them individually. I would think that given the relative rarity of these, there might be more of a demand for them individually. What do you all think?
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    Sell as lot

    Not gonna make any $ but a collector who is interested in grading may buy them just to see there are any crisp cards.
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      I have the 1978 Burger King Tigers set, which includes individual cards of Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker and Jack Morris. Those cards are far more in demand than when packaged with Phil Mankowski.
      Granted, the cards of the veteran stars won't go for as much as the Tiger rookies, but I would have to agree with you. Beckett used to include the Burger King cards in their yearly books (the small ones) and it seemed certain cards made up the entire value of the set, like Lou Pinella's card being issued at a different time, thus being more valuable than the entire 1977 Yankees Burger King card set.
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