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New website, I had to end my other one...

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  • New website, I had to end my other one...

    I didn't realize that my other website had very little web space allowance, and it would expire when I graduated from school. So I went ahead and created a new one, not even a month after the last one.

    Please check it out and be sure to sign the guestbook and update links!
    Thanks 316 Sports for the Freewebs idea! Its so easy to use!
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    no problem at all. I will update your new site on my links page later today when I get home from work.
    Check out my site devoted to the greatness of college summer leagues.


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      Thanks for all the hits guys! I will be adding more soon!

      Pods fan - I be adding the rest of my scans soon, please check it out after a week or so, and thanks for signing the guestbook!!


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        I have done a lot of updating to my site recently. I added a page for my individual player collections, trades, etc. Please check it out sometime!


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