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  • Common Autograph Abbreviations

    Here are some explanation of the abbreviations and acronyms we use in the autograph collecting world:

    CIC - Custom Index Card (example)

    (R)OMLB - (Rawlings) Officials Major League Baseball (example)

    RTS - Return to Sender

    TTM - Through the Mail

    Feel free to add any if you know some that I may have left out.
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    SCN -


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      IP - In Person


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        ST - Spring Training


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          SASE - self-addressed stamped envelope
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            GU- Game used card. These cards actually have pieces of game-used jerseys, bats, gloves, pants, etc. They're about a 1"x1" square inserted into the card.

            AU- Autographed card.
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              CoA = Certificate of Authenticity


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                I use PrIC or PIC when im talking about Protective Index Cards
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                  RC=Rookie Card. Also known as a "True Rookie Card"
                  FY or FYC=First Year Card
                  (RC)=MLBPA Rookie Card. Note that a "parenth-RC" rookie card means the player had a FYC or RC already, just without the MLBPA Rookie Card logo. Note that most cards with this logo are NOT true rookie cards (As an extreme example, J.R. House's true rookie card is in the 2000 Topps Traded set. His parenth-RC is in the 2006 Topps '52 Rookies Set.). Notable exceptions to the rule include Mike Pelfrey, Mike Napoli, Kenji Johjima, Pat Neshek, Chris Coste, Chris Ianetta, and Alay Soler.
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                      IC - Index Card
                      *Heard of that*


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                        What does DR55 mean. I've seen this on when someone describes a success.
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                          whats someones 'PC'? thanks


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                            Originally posted by nepats3912 View Post
                            whats someones 'PC'? thanks
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