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Factory Sealed Packs, What's the Deal?

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  • Factory Sealed Packs, What's the Deal?

    I purchased a whole bunch of factory sealed packs the other day and only got random inserts, the most being worth ten dollars. Everyone claims you get a memorobilia card in a factory sealed pack, so tell me, are factory sealed packs overated?
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    I don't buy a whole lot of factory packs, but I have gotten a couple memoribilia cards, (a Will Clark jersey card from 2005 Upper Deck Classics and a Carlos Beltran All-Star jersey card from 2005 Topps Updates and Highlights). Also, I found a Bret Saberhagen autographed card in UD Classics.

    It's great to find some kind of relic/autograph card, but if you want to get a collection of them, you'd probably be better off buying them from a dealer or online. If you do want to buy sealed packs, check the stated odds of such cards; some sets are easier to get them in than others.
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      It probably was "Find a memorablila/autograph 1:24 packs" or something like that. If you're going to spend the money on an assortment of packs, just go for a box of cards, where you're usually guarenteed a certain # of game-used and autograph cards.
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