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would you have a 1/1 graded???

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  • would you have a 1/1 graded???

    I own a good 1/1 from topps 2004--its an autograph, would you have it graded???--kjamidon

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    Hmm, that's a tough call. I like grading for the fact that it preserves the card and prevents from any possible accidental damage (small children or drunk friends). I don't know if its value would be increased at all unless it were Gem Mint or Pristine.
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      i own the anerican treasure NIXON 1/1 and wanted to get that graded--a 9 or 10 may up the value--kj


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        I'd only get it graded if you're positive you could get a 9 or higher.


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          will PSA pre grade?? i heard they will--help--kj


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            its fake

            they dont have 1/1 card they only have up to x/50 and i have one wow
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              Originally posted by NY Yankees
              they dont have 1/1 card they only have up to x/50 and i have one wow
              Where did you get THIS from?
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