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  • Honus Wagner Card

    I am looking for info on this particular card. I have a repro of the Honus card. Front: Honus picture(no number), front lists name and team. White border. Back: White border, Yellow add at top-"Honus Wagner Value $20,000 1910 tobacco card." The rest of the card is white with the Honus anti-smoking history. Yellow area at top of card measures about 3/4". I am looking for info on this card, I've been to several 206 sites. I still can't find it. HELP PLEASE

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    One of the Wagner cards is in the HOF in Cooperstown. Another is in a museum in Boca Raton, Florida.
    Gretzky bought the card with a partner, the owner of the LA Kings at the time, who was forced to sell it. Bruce McNall. He had a few legal issues.
    jcox, are you looking for infor on the reprint card or the original card?
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      here is the REAL answers to the questions

      The card you have is a reprint from the mid 1980s and was part of a kids baseball card starter kit sold in toy stores. It is a reprint that commemorates the popular rarer cards in the hobby. In this reprint set there is T206 Wagner, T206 Plank, T207 Lowdermilk, T207 Lewis, R319 Lajoie, and maybe a couple others. The values on the back are what that card was worth 20-25 years ago. Any T206 Wagner is worth at least $100K today even in crappy shape, with most worth $250K-$500K++. There are roughly 65 examples known of the authentic T206 Wagner card, not extremely rare, but it is from the most popular set ever and in order to complete the set you need a Wagner. 95% will have a Sweet Caporal 150 back, and 5% will have a Piedmont 150 back. The story behind that Wagner is not 100% known, but it is thought that he didn't want the cards in packages of cigarettes because he was not paid. It is believed he also didn't want to promote smoking to young kids of the era. Both fact are most likely true. The Wagner is not even the rarest card in the T206 set. There is a Joe Doyle card (w/"Nat'l") that is far rarer, with an est. 11 examples known. If there is ever a NRMT example of the Doyle found, it would easily out sell the $1 million+ Wagner (PSA-8) card. Hans
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        Last sold for $1,265,000.00

        The T206 Wagner card that Gretzky once owned is a PSA-8 Piedmont backed card, the highest grade T206 Wagner. At one time Gretzky (part owner) owned the card, and Walmart also owned if for awhile. It was last sold on in July of 2000 and is now owned by Brian Seigel. He paid/bid $1,265,000.00 (not including auctionhouse fees). Hans
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          Its a reprint, and all reprints have no value. So its basically worthless.

          99.9997% of all T206 Wagners out there are worthless reprints.

          Here are a few authentic cards.
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            26 (I think) Wagner T206 cards have been graded (out of a 10 point scale, 1 graded 8, one 4,three 3s, 10 2s and the rest are 1s) by PSA, and 1 has been graded (3.5) by GAI.
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              I saw that Wagner card thats worth some one million dollars at Cooperstown. I just looked at the card in awe, the ultimate prize for a baseball card collector.


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                Jonny Gomes

                Jonny Gomes, right on. He went to college exactly 2 blocks from my house (Santa Rosa JC, NorCal), and high school about 20 miles away. Super power, super star in the making. Nice choice. Jonny also has a brother Joey in the Padres system.
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                  Its Gretzky, not "Gretzki".
                  And is was March 23, 1991 not "1990"
                  And there was an unknown number printed, but about 65 exist today.

                  I have been collecting scans of different T206 Wagners for the last year, I have scans of 19 different so far.
                  If you want to see them, link enclosed (below)
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                    Are all of those scans "real" cards or are any of them fakes?


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                      All 19 are authentic

                      They are all authentic. The last one was unissued and is from the famous proof strip.
                      All of the many different T206 Wagner reprints have characteristics that show they are reprints (ie. cropped photos, missing black pinstripe, caption problems like completely wrong style font, letter spacing, and ink color, etc.). Also the wear patterns on fakes are far different than what an authentic T206 card would naturally wear like over last 97 years. Most all of these scans I have are from high end auction catalogs, and most are graded.

                      If anyone has a picture or scan of a Wagner card not pictured, Id be happy to add it.
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                        how are all of the wagner cards 1909 authentic that are in the link, if they all have slightly different color backgrounds and that the card itself varies in darkness?
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                          Trust me they are all authentic

                          T206 cards come in different shades of color, its common. But the main reason these Wagner cards are all different colors are the cameras and scanner settings. Some of these photos date back 15-30 years and some are scans of pictures from auction catalogs, scans from the internet, etc.

                          Examples of T206 color variations
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                            Feel free to post a picture of your Wagner card, and I will tell you its a fake once again.

                            The authentic T206 Wagner cards pictured on my site are not owned by me, and they vary in value quite a bit (current market value) from about $120,000 - $2,000,000+.......... fairly good $$ for a card that isnt all that rare.
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                              Honus Wagner

                              The card you are speaking of, I do have in my possession.


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