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    With the dearth of actual brick-and-mortar card shops around these days, it seems as though folks have to turn to eBay more and more to fulfill their wants. eBay is great, don't get me wrong, but it has always presented a dilemma that is not easily solved. You never quite know with whom you're dealing. I've heard rumors and innuendo of eBay sellers doing business under two different names -- selling cases under one and individual wax boxes under another; searching or fingering packs in wax boxes before they're packaged off to auction winners, that sort of thing. One resolution is to find a couple of fair, honest ebay proprietors and establish a good relationship with them. It cuts down the risk of loss -- or fraud -- and sets a buyer's mind at ease. That's what I'm trying to do. Living in southern New Hampshire, there just aren't many in-person buying options available, unfortunately. You want cards, you turn to the Internet. (And as far as card shows anywhere in the vicinity, forget it.)

    So can we use this thread to make suggestions to each other?

    Great eBay dealers that you'd recommend? Good experiences?

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    I've ordered vintage cards from Johnny Hustle (jhustle1) many times. No problems and fastest shipping I've experienced. He has 11,048 positive and 0 negatives!


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      Ebay sellers...

      I have bought around a hundred individual cards on ebay, and a few factory sealed boxes, and have so far had NO problems whatsoever. All have been in excellent condition, nicely packaged, etc.

      I agree with utter chaos, in that I only buy from sellers with little or no negative feedbacks.

      It also depends on what you want. Are you looking for individual packs, cards or full and unopened factory sealed boxes? I have a few sellers that I buy from consistently, but I am only looking to finish a few series, not collect every card ever made.


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        Some individual cards, some unopened wax boxes. I don't have an issue so much with individual cards, as you can always buy graded cards and eliminate fraud for the most part. But whenever I buy unopened stuff, I want to be fairly positive that it hasn't been searched or tampered sometimes happens with unscrupulous sellers.


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          so far i found that AAC AUCTIONS is the best ive seen...they are always on ebay...well shipped,great communication, and very authentic material...

          also a woman on ebay (mookster) aka ELLEN...very good as well.
          both of them are fantastic...look for them!


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            I can't think of any specific problems I've had with anyone. It's always a good idea to check their ebay feedback (both the # of positives and the percentage positive). The one thing that seems to upset me so much about some ebay sellers, and I've noticed it in sports cards more than anything, is the seller will either note their item includes insurance/tracking, or you pay extra for insurance/tracking, and you don't get it. I've asked a few times about it from sellers I've paid for the insurance, or they stated it S/H included insurance in the auction, and their excuses have been numerous - "my wife mailed it and didn't know" "my neighbor's kid mailed it and pocketed the money and he's going to get a good talkin' to" "my business insurance covers insurance on shipments" "that statement was a cut-n-paste from another auction and didn't apply to this one", etc. Except for that pet peeve of mine, I can't really put my finger on any great or bad sellers - the truth is usually in their feedback.


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              In the few transactions I've conducted:

              - One was obviously stolen merchandise with the ultamax device still attached (from a seller with a spotless rating).

              - After comencing another transaction, e-mails begin to arrive that "spoof" ebay and paypal. Could be the merchants computer had a virus.


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