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Vintage baseball mitts Repurposed into wallets

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  • Vintage baseball mitts Repurposed into wallets

    I thought you all would find this interesting. My company recently purchased 1,000 vintage baseball gloves from a collector we take these gloves and repurpose the leather into making one-of-a-kind wallets. 15 of the gloves had written names and address on them. We were able to contact those people and give them back their gloves! One of them said to us "I haven't seen that glove in 60 years."
    Just goes to show you that you should always put your name on your glove

    P.S, Before any baseball glove collector is upset with my company for repurposing the gloves. Just be aware that we don't take the incredible historic ones. Plus I believe that it is better to give these gloves new life rather than for it to sit in dust in a garage. What do you guys think?

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