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    Can anybody help with identifying signatures on this? It's from the 1987 KC Royal, not the full team but I can't remember who all was there. It's mostly the one in the second picture. I think it's Jake something but not too sure.
    Also would anybody know how to clean and preserve this? It's something I thought I lost when I was a kid but my parents recantly found it in their attic.

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    I got most of them for you......
    Gene Garber
    Ed Napoleon coach
    Dan Quisenberry
    Brad Wellman
    Ted Power
    John Watham manager
    Bret Saberhagen
    Ed Hearn
    Bud Black
    Steve Farr
    Floyd Bannister
    Jim Eisenreich
    and (I think) Charlie Leibrandt

    I'm unsure of the one above Bud Black. Possible Kurt Stillwell

    There is one barely visible along lower clue

    Napoleon's sig puts it as 1988 since I believe he was not a coach there in '87 as far as I can tell.
    Ted Power was also only there is '88 (and was traded away at the end of August), not at all in 1987

    Hope this helps
    1966 1970 1983


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