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Chicora, PA and Mayville, NY 1900 teams

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  • Chicora, PA and Mayville, NY 1900 teams

    My dad acquired my great-grandfather’s baseball uniform from a cousin in 2009. He recently gave it to me and I am trying to figure out any information I can about it. The attached photo is of the uniform. Is it possible to narrow down a date for it at the very least?

    My great grandfather, Carl Adam Schultz, was born in 1884 in Chicora, PA. He passed away in 1969. In his obituary it says he played professionally for “the Mayville, NY team”. Does anyone know of such a team? I’m guessing he played ball around 1902 to maybe the 1910’s. I assume that because he was married in 1909, but he could have played longer, I’m just guessing.

    I have limited baseball knowledge. I know horses and horse racing and I know racing fans who can find and recite all kinds of stats and history so I’m hoping baseball fans are the same!

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    There has never been a Mayville NY or Chicora PA team in organized baseball. That alone doesn't necessarily mean he didn't play professionally, but I don't think he did. It appears Mayville was a 'town team' and from various articles I looked at, I couldn't tell if they were actually part of a structured league. Was he a pitcher? There was a Schultz who appears in the linescores of a number of Pa and NY articles, though none that I saw had a Schultz with Mayville. It's possible that he was paid to play, but it doesn't look like he was actually in organized baseball.


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      Wow. Thanks for looking into it. I had figured the Chicora team was just a town team. The Mayville, NY team baffled me. There seems to be a Mayville, PA which is not too far from Chicora and I wonder he he played for that team instead. I have no idea what position he played. What were the years that you found the Schultz name playing?

      I’m not really surprised that the teams were not professional. That side of the family has a history of embellishing the past, lol


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        I searched 1902-1920 on The story may be based on ignorance and not an embellishment. Lots of people innocently think various levels of play are minor leagues. If it were a town team, it is technically "semipro." Lots of people erroneously think the big leaguers are the pros and minor leaguers are the semipros. Sometimes, it is just a matter of whether a league paid a fee to be part of the National Association. I had a cousin, for example, who played in numerous 'outlaw' or semipro leagues for years. He was paid to pitch professionally for 19 years, but he was in organized baseball for only a few of those. He was with one team for three consecutive years. The second year, the team was part of a league in organized baseball; the other two years they were not. It was seamless to him. He was paid to pitch each of those three seasons with essentially the same team against essentially the same teams and players.


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