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Baseball from fleamarket, multiple signatures on it

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  • Baseball from fleamarket, multiple signatures on it

    Hello forum members,

    I need your help. Last saturday I bought several items on a fleamarket. Among them was a baseball. It was obviously used in a game, it has multiple signatures and a tiny sticker saying "5".
    I'd like to find out:

    1. When was it signed?
    2. Who signed it? I could read Mike Sholl, Chris Taylor, Brad Mc Curdy. The others I couldn't read.

    Since I'm not good in reading handwriting, you can help me, see photos

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you

    Best regards from Germany

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    This gallery has 5 photos.
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    The first thing to know is that it is not an MLB ball. Different brand and country of origin.

    That being said, the when is easy. According to KeyMan Collectibles:

    "This simple "deBeer" logo followed by the Registered Trademark circled (R) appear on baseballs made after Worth Inc. bought out the baseball division in the 1980s. The logo might date to or and after the 1990s."

    As for who signed them, again, none are Major Leaguers, so finding information on them might be difficult.

    Here's what I see:

    Pic 1: Sean St----
    Roy (?) Hill
    Keith Back----
    Chris Taylor
    Pic 2: Kelly -----
    Brad McCurdy
    Pic 3: Kevin Stroebel
    Lary Hoshaw (coach)
    Tory (?) M----
    Pic 4: same as Pic 2
    Pic 5: Mike Shull

    I hope this helps.
    Put it in the books.


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      Thank you very much for your answer. This helps me a lot. I was able to find Mike Shull, who played in the 90s for the Palm Spring Angels and was later Manager of the McAllister Park Little League. Sadly he passed away last July. I'll look for the other players and maybe I'll find out why this baseball ended up in a fleamarket container, though it was treasured once. I think this because it has this little "No 5" sticker. I assume it was presented together with (at least) four other pieces in a semi-public place.


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