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James or Jim? Lou or Louis?

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  • James or Jim? Lou or Louis?

    When you guys write to players whether past or present , and when you write on the outside envelope... do you address the envelope to the player by their "techincal" first name or by their short name?
    Meaning do you write it: Mr Jim Smith
    Mr James Smith

    I always write the proper first name.
    Or if the player was known for his nickname: ie; Whitey Lockman I address it:
    Mr Carroll "Whitey" Lockman.
    How do you guys do it?
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    You know, I've thought quite a bit about this one...and I've decided to go with the name that the player was most well known by in his playing when I've written to Duke Snider I simply address the envelope "Mr. Duke Snider" for example....or "Mr. Goose Gossage"....seems like I've had decent success doing it this way...


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      I'm the same way, Mr. Duke Snider, Mr. Lenny Dystra.......

      oh and Mr. HALL OF FAMER Goose Gossage :bowdown:
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