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    I've noticed that the vast majority of threads here are about TTM autographs and card collecting. I'm wondering what other bits of memorabilia people like to collect.

    Personally, I like old media guides, I think they provide a great look on past years.

    What about others? Any really interesting collections?
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    I enjoy collecting old baseball photos from the 40's, 50's, and 60's. I also try to get some of them autographed which is really great! I also collect autographs on baseball, mini-helmets, and McFarlane figure bases. I collect the McFarlane figures but only baseball and hockey.
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      I collect all sorts of things. Ticket stubs, cups that my drinks come in at the games, etc. I also plan when I have a house I want to turn a room to a Yankees memorbilia room and everything from players game used and a bunch off things from current Yankee Stadium (seats, bases, etc.)
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        Things I collect:

        Baseball cards
        Baseaball autographs
        Baseball Memorabilia of my favorite players
        Yankees Games on DVD
        I have all the magazines since I have been subscribed to Yankees Magazine, so I guess I collect those too

        Clemson Football DVDs
        Clemson Football programs, etc


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          I will collect any game used items as well as wire photos, which are always great items.


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            In addition to TTM autographs and cards, I collect baseballs from ballparks and baseball related places I have been. I have a decent number of ballparks under my belt now, and also things like the Negro League museum, the Hall of Fame, etc.

            It's a very informal collection....with the modest goal of having some cool stuff to display when I eventually get that house with room for me to have a sports room/bar in the basement.
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              I'm a team collector and besides cards, I concentrate on Media Guides, programs/scorecards and yearbooks, but will consider anything related to the Twins.

              For instance, I have a baseball book entitled "You Can't Steal First Base", by Jimmie Dykes. Jimmie Dykes played MLB from 1918-1939 and managed from 1934-1961. He had nothing to do with the Twins, but the book is inscribed to George Brophy. George Brophy was an executive with the Twins from 1961-1985.

              I also have a 10-ft x 3-ft Twins banner that hung at Met Stadium during the 1965 World Series.

              You almost have to specialize these days because there's just too much out there to collect.
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                Brooklyn Dodger and New York Giant yearbooks and scorecards.
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                  Originally posted by Mike D. View Post
                  It's a very informal collection....with the modest goal of having some cool stuff to display when I eventually get that house with room for me to have a sports room/bar in the basement.
                  ME TOO!!!!


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