1.) This forum pertains to baseball card collecting, autographs (whether they pertain to in person, or through the mail), baseball books (Ie; autobiographies), bobble heads, old ticket stubs, and well you get the point.

2.) I am not a fan of posting a current or former baseball players home address' in a post or a thread. Threads such as: "Can someone give me David Wright's home address" will be deleted without warning. Asking for a team home stadium address and spring training addys is fine.

3.) We all like to have fun, and I have no problem with having fun, however... if a thread is getting hijacked big time and is way of course, I will delete the posts that have zero relevance to do with the topic at hand. If I continue to see you posting off topic I will pm you with a warning.

4.) This isn't ebay or a flea market. I do not condone threads such as: "I'm selling all of my baseball cards!". Any thread that someone starts to make a personal profit will be deleted right off the bat. No questions asked.

5.) Lately I have seen multiple threads of the same exact topic by different members, and I have had no choice but to merge these threads together. Guys, PLEASE do your research in this forum BEFORE posting. Because chances are.... it has been asked before.

6.) I reserve the right to edit, close, delete fully any posts/ threads that I feel have zero relvance with this section of the site. So when in doubt: ASK.

7.) Effective immediately I no longer will be responding to pm's for home addresses. I thank all of you for your interest, but with the sheer volume of requests makes it no longer possible for me to assist in supplying addresses of players. I do apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

Here is the address list that I use: http://sportsaddresslists.com/baseball.html

For the "other" address book: http://www.baseballaddresses.com/coverpage.html

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to pm me. Together we can make this section of the site a great place to be.