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    I just saw on ESPN that UD will include presidential candidates portrayed as baseball players in this years set. They mentioned Fred Thompson will be portrayed as the Babe. Anyone know anything else about this?

    Sorry if that already been posted... nothing came up in the search..

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    I wonder who Obama will be maybe Barry Bonds


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      From Upper Deck's website:
      Upper Deck has included a very unique “Presidential Predictor” card set. The illustrated parodies show several of the top candidates from this year’s Presidential race in rare form by tying each one of them to a pivotal moment or personality from baseball’s rich history.

      The cards can be seen on the Upper Deck website. Curiously, Hillary Clinton is not in the set; presumably, she was supposed to be included because the set as listed on the website is missing card PP-7, which I'm guessing would have been hers.
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        Neat looking cards. On Al Gores card PP-8 doesnt it look like George Bush as the other player

        Upper Deck produces sports collectibles and autographed memorabilia from athletes like Michael Jordan, Ken Griffey Jr, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam, Ichiro and Yao Ming. Buy authentic UDA product in our UD Store.

        There is the link to the set


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          Originally posted by stang05 View Post
          I wonder who Obama will be maybe Barry Bonds
          He's got a Chisox uniform so more like Frank Thomas or their manager
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            Interesting. They broke the rookies into a seperate checklist "block" (rather than numbering them with their teams as they've done the past couple years). True RC's (off the top of my head)...
            -Jonathan Albaladejo
            -Willie Collazo
            -Ian Kennedy
            -Jonathan Meloan
            -Carlos Muniz

            EDIT: Mets fans, take note! Mike Pelfrey's first MLB autographed card appears in this set as part of the one auto per box thing, too (So does Jorge Sosa, but who'd you rather have an autograph of? Our long reliever or our best pitching prospect?).
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              There's a lot about the presidential set here:

              CLEVELAND INDIANS Central Division Champions

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