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    A co-worker knows of my love of baseball, sports and collecting all sorts of junk. So the other day she asked me if I wanted a signed football. I said sure, what the heck. She had received it from a friend who said hey you live in Indiana and might like this, and shipped it to her. So there it sat in her closet until she gave it to me yesterday.

    I am now the proud owner of a Peyton Manning signed football, with CoA. He was at an event at Tenn. where my co-worker's friend went to school and he signed a bunch for an alumni group.

    It has already been wrapped for my son's birthday in two weeks.

    Just a quick nice story about this great hobby of ours.....
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    That's awsome. I have a similar story but it's not sports related. I met a girl here in Albuquerque who I was friends with for a short time. She was in the process of moving back to Florida. So I was helping her pack and ship boxes through UPS. She had a guitar that she didn't have any room for so she gave it to me as a way to say thanks for the help. It's a Fender electric guitar signed by the band No Doubt. It's in its case tucked away in the back of my closet somewhere. I have no idea how much it's worth. Some people have told me that I'd be better off washing off the autographs and using the guitar for its intended use. :hyper:


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      There is a co-worker in my office who I work with everyday and knows I'm into the whole baseball thing. He says he has this autographed signed baseball at home and he wants to know if I want. He said it doesn't mean much to him. Of course, I said sure. It turns out that It is an early 60's Baltimore Oriole Ball. Its not in the best of shape though. His wife tried to bang a nail into the wall with it and its this guy laquered it. Its packed away and now that I think about it. I think I take out and try to pin point what year is.
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