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Mystery Autographed Baseball - Help?

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  • Mystery Autographed Baseball - Help?

    This baseball was a gift from my sister-in-law (who is not a baseball fan) to my late husband (who was). She wrote the following note to go with it:

    Mark, This baseball was signed by either an SF Giants (I think this one most), Oakland A's, or AZ Diamondbacks player. I can't remember which, but he's supposed to be popular in the world of baseball. I got the ball in the year 2000. Hopefully you'll be able to figure out who signed it, and maybe one day it will be of some value. LSI Logic is a semiconductor company that gave the ball to me ... as part of a "Let's try to make this person like our company!" sort of thing. Merry Christmas!
    The company she received the ball from, LSI Logic, would have been based in or had offices in either Arizona or California.

    Any ideas on whose signature it might be? Thanks!
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    Pretty sure it's Ben Grieve

    If he just could have followed up 1999 and 2000
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      My guess is Ben Grieve, formerly of the Oakland A's.
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        Wow.. quick responses. It does look like Ben Grieve.. Thanks!

        Think it's worth anything?


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            Originally posted by BeckyW View Post

            Think it's worth anything?
            Nope. he may have been a star then... but he's far from one now.
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              Here's a scan of a Ben Grieve autograph I got recently:

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