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  • Set of Cards help

    I don't want to open them just looking for info on this set junk or not. I looked on the web every where but could find no info thanks

    I have a unopened case CD case of baseball cards i think i got them from some shop at home show some years ago.
    The case title is sliver star Holograms complet baseball set.
    Nolan Ryan
    Cal ripken
    Darryl Straberry
    Will Clark
    Roger Clemens
    rickey Henderson
    David Justice
    Golden Glove (Rawlings Trophy)
    Tribute to Dodger Stadium
    Sliver Star Hologram checklist

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    Do you have a scanner? If so, can you scan the cards? That would make ID easiest.
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      no i have never opened the case, would it matter on value if i did i guess i would hve to open it sooner or later.
      i thought someone may want them more with the case unopened


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        1991 Silver Star Hologram

        Use your search feature (Google Yahoo etc. or eBay) there is a lot of info on the cards. I only looked for a minute, they seem to be from 1991 (maybe 1992) and seem to be worth 50 cents ea. if that for commons and maybe $1-$3 for a superstar. It doesnt look like they sell that good.

        Low demand, open the set and enjoy.... then give them to the neighbor kids to enjoy
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          Here's the 2004 Beckett Almanac entry (which gives a $10 value to the complete set):

          "These hologram cards measure the standard size and were issued to commemorate outstanding achievements of the players. The backs of the hologram cards are brightly colored and have statistics as well as a player profile.Each card also comes with a 2 1/16" by 5 3/8" blank-backed ticket. The tickets have a color player photo, serial number, and a description of the achievement honored. The Henderson hologram honors him as the all-time stolen base leader; the Ryan hologram celebrates his 7th no-hitterl and the Justice hologram commemorates his two-run homer against the Reds on October 1 that led to a 7-6 Braves' victory during the NL West pennant race. The cards are unnubered and checklisted below chronologically by release dates. Cars numbered 5 through 8 were released later and are unnumbered. These cards are sequenced in alphabetical order."

          The 2006 Standard Catalog lists a 1991 Arena Holograms and 1991 Arena Holograms Signature Series in the index, but the index's page numbers are all wrong and I can't find an actual listing of the set in the book. SCD doesn't list a Silver Star set but there are plenty of them on eBay.
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