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    Do any of you out there have anything related to a ballpark,past or present,like old seats,bricks from demolished parks,etc.?

    Let us know what you have in your collection.

    For me,I have a couple of bricks and a seat slat from Old Comiskey Park.

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    I have some turf (1 section from the 1970's mat and 1 section from the early 1990's mat) from Three Rivers Stadium, and a set of the architectural AND construction blueprints from PNC Park.
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      A friend of mine got a vile of infield dirt from every stadium a couple of years ago. He's a teacher and used it as part of a lesson.


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        I have a piece of the wall from Yankee Stadium when they refurbushed it.


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          I have one of the green wooden seats from old Tiger Stadium (or shall I call it Tiger Stadium Classic?). These were replaced by plastic, blue and orange seats in the late 70s. I am not sure how long my seat was in use in the old stadium.

          My other stadium artifact is not from a baseball stadium, but is every bit as cool IMO. It is a framed piece of the artificial turf that was in University of Michigan Stadium (football) from 1969 to 1990, which included the entire 20 year tenure of Coach Bo Schembechler.


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            I have a small piece of cement from the Kingdome when it was imploded back in 2000.
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              Sad story: Went to Old Comiskey Park as new park was being built. Took a brick from the green base of the stadium--the guard saw me and gave me a Sox game schedule. I had the brick for some time and then lost it when we moved homes five years ago. Silly thing, I think of it often and makes me feel, well you know... (I still have the schedule and pictures however.


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                A real estate agent in my home town has a pair of original seats from Ebbet's Field that he has afixed to his front porch.The owner of the seats is Don Thompson and he was a player for the Brooklyn Dodgers in the early 1950's.

                Don told me once that his two best friends while he was playing in the minors and majors were Chuck Conners and Clem Labine.


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                  That's pretty cool, he must be 80 or older, right? I would give anything for one of those seats!

                  Thanks for the story.


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                    Old Comiskey Park

                    hello all. i have from the old comiskey park a brick a seat and a vendors uniform top. i also got a part of one of the yellow railings that were in the field box seat sections.i do happen to have also a brick from CHICAGO STADIUM and BOSTON GARDEN, OLYMPIA STADIUM in detroit. and some seats from the arenas take care all
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                      Couple of things.

                      Seats: Cleveland Municipal, Exhibition (my personal season's ticket seats), Fulton-County, Three Rivers, Baltimore Memorial, Kingdome, Milwaukee County, Riverfront

                      Bricks: Cleveland Municipal, Comiskey, Exhibition, Baltimore Memorial, Milwaukee County, cement from Kingdome

                      Turf: Exhibition Staidum

                      Corn: Field of Dreams outfield wall
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                        Reds seats

                        I have a pair of seats from Riverfront Stadium. My Dad had a brick from Crosley Field. He passed a way last month and I've been trying to find it.


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                          Originally posted by bonfig1
                          I have a pair of seats from Riverfront Stadium. My Dad had a brick from Crosley Field. He passed a way last month and I've been trying to find it.

                          is there any chance i have at getting any seats from Riverfront still
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                            Originally posted by ADunn44
                            is there any chance i have at getting any seats from Riverfront still
                            I have seen them on sale at Jungle Jim's, of all places. I believe there are a couple shops in the Montgomery area that have a few, if you believe Lance McCallister.
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                              I have a cast iron "folding chair" that was used as an infield box seat at Tiger Stadium. The folks at Detroit Athletic company (who still have a few of them) say they were removed in 1977, but could be original to the park. I have seen seats like them in pics and video of the 1934 World Series.
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