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My favorite piece if memorabilia is . . . .

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    Red Ruffings Elementary School Diploma

    or a Floyd Patterson autographed Sport Mag.


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      It would have to be either a Nolan Ryan autographed ball or A Rod autographed chrome mini batting helmet with the 2003 all star logo.
      I am not much of a collecter I get what I can for my kids.
      so the memorys of getting the autographs with them means the most to me.
      " One of the beautiful things about baseball is that every once in a while you come into a situation where you want to, and where you have to,
      reach down and prove something." Nolan Ryan.


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        I'd have to say the ball I have autographed (all acquired in person) by Willie, Mickey and the Duke. Funny thing was that I happened to get them in that order too.

        I remember Snider taking the ball to sign the sweet spot and seeing Mays there, so he turned it to sign above that and saw Mantle. At this point he realized what he was doing and gave me a smile and nod.

        I also have an autographed Ted Williams ball that belonged to my grandmother.

        I am a collector of sorts so I have a lot of pieces that I like, but those are probably my favorite baseball pieces.


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          A Nolan Ryan collection card and an 2 older Pedro Martinez and Gary Sheffield cards.--All from 1994


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            I've got my ticket stub from Thanks, Brooks Day. September 18, 1977. At that point it was the largest crowd ever at Memorial Stadium 51,789. I held on to the stub for years in my wallet. I got a chance to meet Brooks Robinson in 1991 in of all places Calvert County. I remembered I had the stub and asked him to sign it. He took a few moments to talk about that day and how hot it was. He said it was a real special day. I still carry that stub in my wallet. A little more protected that it used to be. Its hard to believe Brooksie will be 69 years old next week. Out of all the memorabilia that I have collected over the years this is the most special.
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              My favorite is a Stan Musial signed plaque of him swinging a bat my cousin gave me a few years before he dies of cancer. It's not worh a whole lot since Musial signs so much, (he carries a box of signed baseballs in his trunk and signed cards about the size of an index card with all his carear stats in his wallet) but still has sentimental value and is worth a decant chunk of change.


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                Nearly a toss-up

                First is a Jackie Robinson 1949 game used bat; and to think we used to play with it regularly, cracked walnuts with it, and all but wore the thing down to splinters before I made an effort to preserve what was left of it. The other thing I cherish deeply is the letter to my grandfather from the old roman himself, Charles Comiskey, inviting him to spring training 1924, and states a check enclosed for $750 was his signing bonus per their contract.
                Baseball is a ballet without music. Drama without words ~Ernie Harwell


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