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  • Minor League Ballpark Graphing

    Hi everyone. If you collect minor league autographs on the east coast, from Trenton down to Durham, or been to the AFL, you may have seen my at the ballpark getting graphs.

    I'm interested in what types of items are you getting signed when you go to minor league games. Are you getting autographs from just the few "Prospects" or do you do team sets and try to get just about every player.

    When I started out I had just a few cards, probably something like those old 93 Classic cards, and a spare baseball to get all of the players without cards. This turned into mostly team sets and BEST cards, and hardly any baseballs. Today I still do team sets, Just Minors cards, any of the Bowman rookie products, but to fill in the blanks, literally, by printing our own sports cards. If you get the chance check them out at

    I hope to see you at the ballpark.
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    I do a little homework before I go, find out who the big prospects are and also find out if anyone is doing a rehab assignment. Then Decide who is worth a ball and then get everyone else I can I 1 ball for each team.
    its tough to get both teams at once. Decide which team you want the most and stick to that team.
    1 year i went to Buffalo and it was easy. Both teams came out of the stadium at the same location. I just relied on a local kid to tell be who was who.
    Good Luck, Its a lot of Fun
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      Nice sales pitch for your cards.
      Check out my site devoted to the greatness of college summer leagues.


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        Sorry if it turned into a sales pitch. I actually changed the website to my blog. If you like the cards, cool. If not, no big, as I'm just trying to help out and still love hearing the graphing stories.


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          For the past 5 years, I did my minor league in-person autographing at Commerce Bank Park in Harrisburg, PA, home of the Harrisburg Senators. A very easy stadium to get autographs, especially for the home team. Visitors side was usually packed, especially with the Trenton Thunder and Portland Sea Dogs were in town. The Senators as a whole were very accomodating. If you go this season, John Stearns is back as the manager and signs everything.

          With my recent move, I will be graphing at the Durham Bulls and the Carolina Mudcats. Not sure how they will be, but I am looking forward to seeing the stadiums.

          I typically with print 4x6 photos of the players, and if I have cards of the coaches from their playing days, I will do those.


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