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2007 Minor League Team Sets

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  • 2007 Minor League Team Sets

    I am trying to collect all the 2007 team sets from the AAA, AA, Hi A, and Lo A teams. I realize that it is going to be somewhat expensive but the thing that really gets me is that on alot of sets the shipping cost more then the team set itself. I know that sending a team set through the regular mail would be cheaper but most of the team stores don't do that. I am also aware of several companies that sell team sets online but they are charging about what the team stores do. I was wondering if there is anybody in the cities of a minor league team that would be willing to purchase a team set from their team store and then send it to me regular mail to cut down the shipping cost. I will send a money order to you first for the cost. Or I could trade you a Fort Wayne Wizards team set if you wanted one becuase I live in Fort Wayne. I also have about 10,000 baseball cards dating from 2008 - 1995 that I would be willing to trade for team sets. Just let me know what you might be looking for. Some of my top cards are a 2004 Donruss Showdown Nolan Ryan #15, a 2006 Team Topps Autographed Doug Drabek card, a 2004Topps Autograph Card of Lance Berkman, a 2005 Topps Autograph Card of Casey Kotchman, along with tons of insert cards. I appreciate any help thay anyone can give me, I can be reached at [email protected]. I already have the following team sets...Columbus Clippers, Round Rock, Huntsville, Kannapolis, and Lake County.

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    Try This is where you will find the whole of the sets of the Minor League teams. Not sure if they are all there, but you will find a lot there.
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      I have been to that site..they only have 4 2007 team sets, everything else is previous seasons. I have searched the internet high and low looking for the best prices because I don't like the idea of paying $15.00 per team set when I could walk into the team store and pick it up for $6.00. (Or hopefully find people willing to go in and pick one up where they live).


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