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Boston Baseball Memorabilia Mystery

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  • Boston Baseball Memorabilia Mystery


    I have had an original hand-written journal of the 1907 minutes for the Boston Globe Baseball Association come into my possession. I never heard of the Boston Globe Baseball Assoc. and couldn't find anything on it anywhere on the Internet. I think it is an interesting historical document, but would like more information on the Boston Globe Baseball Association so I thought some of you baseball collectors or historians might have some information about this aspect of baseball / Red Socks history.

    Click here for some pics of the minutes that you might find interesting.

    Thanks in advance for your help,
    Robert / RawFoodGuy

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    Buddy, you have already posted this in another section. This is against the policy.
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      Boston Globe is a newspaper, my guess is its an amature league of some kind.
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        It looks like a social club of baseball fans employed by the Globe. Could this be a forerunner to the Boston BBWAA chapter? The BBWAA was founded a year later.


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          Don't think it was a forerunner of the BWAA - the timing doesn't work out and the names seem to be very different (see pics in link above). I think the assoc. was employees of the BG into baseball, and perhaps with some affiliation ot the Red Socks since at one point in the minutes they discuss who is going to bew appointed a new manager (a name that never did become manager). I emailed the BG and they are researching it for me! Will let you know what I find.

          Sorry for the cross post - this is my first time on this forum. Won't happen again.



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