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Preston Gomez hit by truck/critically injured

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  • Preston Gomez hit by truck/critically injured

    Great TTM signer Preston Gomez is still in critical condition after getting hit by a truck.

    Hope you get well soon Mr Gomez!!!!!
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    He's in my thoughts and prayers. He's one of my Dad's friend Al's favorites and prompted what I believe to be the best quote ever said in defense of a manager who really had nothing to work with...

    "Look at how well he did in AAA. But the Astros just couldn't expect him to go out there and be a contender with Don Wilson, Larry Dierker, a few cadavers, and some fans who did well in their local softball leagues."
    "They put me in the Hall of Fame? They must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel!"
    -Eppa Rixey, upon learning of his induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

    Motafy (MO-ta-fy) vt. -fied, -fying 1. For a pitcher to melt down in a big game situation; to become like Guillermo Mota. 2. The transformation of a good pitcher into one of Guillermo Mota's caliber.


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