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Sea Dogs Meet and Greet Dinner

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  • Sea Dogs Meet and Greet Dinner

    Meet and Greet Sea Dogs Dinner
    April 2, 2008
    Portland Expo

    About 1,200 fans showed up to Greet the Sea Dog back from Florida.

    I got the following. My son couldn't go as he has the flu.

    Hunter Jones 2
    Chris Johnson 2
    Andrew Pinckney 4 showed up late but got him right before I left. The guy in front on me was out of controll and put in from of him a hambuger to sign. Pinckney looked at him kinda funny and the guy realized what he had done.

    Bubba Bell 4
    Mark Wagner 3

    Mgr Ernie Beyeler 2 I handed him two London Tigers cards (1990) and he looks at the cards and says to his wife.."Honey, its says here on the back of the card 180 lbs...that's about right, right?" She says "Right Ernie!!!!"

    Justin Masterson 7 Simply awesome young man. I asked him how his folks were and if they were going to able to see him pitch much this summer. He says, "they are pretty busy, they are doing God's work.

    Tony Granadillo 5
    Bubba Bell 3
    Pitching coach Mike Cather 4
    Ryan Khoury 2
    Michael Bowden 6
    Beau Vanghan 2
    Aaron Bates 2
    Zach daegas 7
    Chad Rhoades 2
    Daniel Haigwood 3
    Jose Vaquedano 1
    Jeff Natale 2
    Dustin Richardson 2
    Chris Smith 2
    Sean Danielson 2

    Hitting coach Dave Joppie 4 He was very funny abd great to be around. He looks at the cards and says..."Wow, where did you get these?" I said...Out of my "Old Man" baseball card stuff"..the justs starts laughing...
    I asked him to personelize on card to a friend in the hobby who is a big A's fan..he asked my about him and he does (he signs it "Go A's"...but before he signes he says "Theo signs my paycheck now, just don't tell him" he asked what I am going to do with the rest, I say "I'm going to give them to friends and then call Theo!!!!!"

    Well organized, lots of people...talked with, surprisingly hobbiest my age. Saw some familair faces, saw some former friends. Took lots of photos. The theme for me was to talk to the players, ask how healthy they were, asked them what there goals in the game and how thier families were.
    There has been talk of the fictional "Red SoxNation"...those rumors would have been put to rest if you were in Portland tonight.
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    Congrats on the great evening. That should fix those Maine winter blues and get you set for the baseball season.


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      Sounds like you had a great time!! Congrats!! Great to hear about Masterson... I don't care what you uniform you wear, there is nothing like good people!! (Like the people on this board!)


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        Jeff Natale
        Sean Danielson
        Dustin Richardson
        Chris Smith
        Ziggy Suarez

        scan0002 (5).jpg
        Family Autograph Thread


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          Ryan Khoury Michael Bowden Beau Vaughan
          Jose Vaquedano Daniel Haigwood Zach Daeges
          Zach Daeges Aaron Bates Bubba Bell

          scan0002 (6).jpg
          Family Autograph Thread


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            Kris Johnson Hunter Jones
            Andrew Pinckney Tony Granadillo
            Mike Cather Tony Granadillo
            Family Autograph Thread


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              Bubba Bell Bubba Bell Justin Masterson
              Justin Masterson Mark Wagner Ernie Beyeler
              Dave Joppie Dave Joppie
              scan0002 (2).jpg
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              Family Autograph Thread


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                The first time I read the subject line of this thread, I read "Sea" as "See" . . .
                . . . which COMPLETELY changes the meaning of the title
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                  Great story about what must have been a fun night. Glad to hear the Sea Dogs have such good signers!
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                    The Sea Dogs have been doing it right for many years.
                    The announcer for the event simply said when he introducted the players for this years team..."For the Players that made the team for the first time this year...this is what Portland is all about. The 1000's of families with children who adore you"...that is the truth. The Sea dogs are so well loved in Maine...and to think 20 years ago I lived in an apartment right across the street from the ball park..I wish!!!!! now.
                    Family Autograph Thread


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                      That's...kind of a huge picture.
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