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    i noticed there was a thread about the value of autographs but it was closed so i figured i would start another one. i have a 2005 topps duke snider autogrpahed refractor, i don't know what set of cards it came from so i can't look it up. heres the card:
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    2005 Topps Retired Signature is the set. A refractor books from $75-$150. The lower price is more realistic, though. Still, considering Snider's popularity, you could probably make a little over that on eBay (don't include a reserve and start the card lower than $5 if you actually want to get rid of it...if you're pricing it, just keep it ). sure it's a refractor? Does it say so on the back? It may be your scanner or digital camera, but usually a refractor does NOT scan like that (in which case, you still have a very nice card that books from $40-$80).
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      yeah the back says refractor, i didnt actually have a picture of the card so the one i posted is from a picture on ebay, I just wanted to make sure everyone posting knew what it looked like, thanks for the info!


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        The best way to get the true value is to list it on eBay. The price could jump a bit immediately after Mr. Snider passes away, and then from that point on it will level off.
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          Like the above poster said, a true value of a card is only worth what other collector is willing to pay for.
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