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babe ruth angel baseball card

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  • babe ruth angel baseball card

    I have a card showing Babe Ruth in an old PCL uniform for (I believe) the LA Angels. Looks like 1930-31. Any idea the background for this card?

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    Have a scan of it?
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      This sounds like a candy issue card. I can't recall the issue, but it was made around 1931 or 1932 as a promo. I think a six or seven card set, all Ruth. I will hit the books and look it up.
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        There are a few cards made of Ruth picturing him in an "A" hat on the set of the movie "Babe Comes Home". He is also pictured with a "LA" hat on a few cards as well.

        It is most likely a card from the 1928 E-Unc. Geo. Ruth Candy Co. (card #2), but it is also most likely a reprint. Reprints make up a high % of the cards out there now, they have flooded the market. The reprints are easy to spot, but I would need to see a scan to tell you exactly what you have.
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