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Estimated Value of Braves collection?

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  • xholdourownx
    I collect a lot of Braves autographs and know a good bit about them. A few thing I do know about these autographs in general. They will be worth more once the players retire and enter the hall of fame. If you wanted to sell you could probably get more money selling them in a lot playing on the Braves aces theme.

    Sorry to tell you but these may not be worth as much as you think right now, mainly because Smoltz, even though reaching milestones, signs quite frequently and that greatly reduces the price of his autograph. I think Glavine signs moderately and Maddux about the same.

    The best thing to do is wait until they retire. Prices on autos spike when a player retires and everyone wants an autograph, when he is elected to the hall, or when he dies. I would hold onto these until then. But right now I would say you could get about 200 dollars or so for the three. Maybe a little less. But that's just my opinion.

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  • Bothrops Atrox
    started a topic Estimated Value of Braves collection?

    Estimated Value of Braves collection?

    I was wondering if any experts could tell me an estimated value for my Braves' collection which includes:

    Greg Maddux sighned new Era Cap

    Tom Glavine "1995 WS MVP" signed baseball, and

    John Smoltz 1992 signed Sports illustrated (Smoltzon the cover tagging out Alomar in WS)

    All Certificates of Authenticity are available.


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