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  • need some more help

    Can someone point me in the right direction here?

    Ok I'm looking for a pin set.. not just any set...

    Currently in our posession is three world series sets.

    1996 Pin set limited edition it's like 1863/1996 Yankees World Series
    We have the 1998 New York Yankees world series set and we have the 2000 Series set. Now I know they also won the world series in 1999.

    Does a 5 piece pin set exsist for this year? We never could find anyone else with the 1996 set so we could get a value on it for insurance... but if someone just just TELL me if this set exsists.. and if so if they have any good places to look for it?

    I've haunted ebay for about 2 months now and I never can even find a trace they made a 1999 set.

    it must be like the ones we have... 5 pins with a plaque in a little case.

    I don't really expect to find the value of the 1996 set short of hiring an appraiser but maybe some help on the vlaue of that set would be useful as well. Like I said only 1996 sets were made for that set. Ours was bought that day at the game is the only way we have it.

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