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1942 NY Giants Autographed Baseball

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  • 1942 NY Giants Autographed Baseball

    I inherited a baseball from my father. It is signed by the 1942 NY Giants. As I recall, my father told me it was signed by all the players, but some of the signatures are harder to read than others -- and I must admit that I don't really follow the game that closely (especially from 66 years ago).

    Were there any hall of famers on the 1942 NY Giants? Does this ball have any resale value?

    Many thanks

    - Shawn
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    HOF'ers on the 42' Giants team: Johnny Mize, "King" Carl Hubbell, & Mel Ott.

    And your pictures are way to big for us to make a "valued" opinion on.
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      The scans are too blurry to read anything. As far as the value of the ball it really depends on a couple things:

      1. Mel Ott and Carl Hubbell. The ball needs those two signatures.
      2. Those two signatures need to be authenticated.

      If those two guys are on the ball and their signatures are bold and legible your ball is worth some decent money. A strong Mel Ott signature might be worth $500-$800. A good Hubbell is worth $200 or so. A best case scenario for your ball's worth is about $800-$1000.

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        Thanks. I will check sigs and take sharper pics.

        Thanks. I will check sigs and take sharper pics.


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