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Topps Tribute WS Relics 2003 ????

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  • Topps Tribute WS Relics 2003 ????

    I was recently given a card from the Topps World Series Tribute set from 2003. It is Juan Marichal and contains a swatch of uniform. The card is numbered TR-JM and is stamped with the number 342/425. The card also states "Congratulations you have just received an authentic World Series tribute game-worn uniform card of Juan Marichal from 2003 Topps Tribute Baseball-World Series Edition". The card mentiones on the front the WS game from Oct. 8, 1962 where Marichal tossed 4 shutout innings. My question is does anyone know whether or not this means that the swatch from Marichal was actually worn in that game or is it just guaranteed to be game worn by Marichal and not necessarily have anything to do with the WS game mentioned???

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    Can no one help answer this enigma for a humble Commish?


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      Answer to your puzzle

      The jersey is most likely not from that specific game, but it is definitely a piece from a jersey he wore during a game he played in the regular season at a minimum. I have been collecting these high end cards for years. I happen to have a complete set of all of the relic cards from 2003 Topps Tribute World Series edition. They have bat cards and jersey cards from Ruth, Gehrig, Wagner, Cobb, etc. In many cases, the original bats and jerseys came from family estates (like in the case of Babe Ruth) and all of them are authentic. I would be surprised if Topps knew which year the bats or jersies were used (and amazed if they could pinpoint a specific game). You never know though - how many jersies did these guys wear during the course of a season?


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        Holy 3 year old thread Batman!

        But I hope that the Commish's mystery has been solved.
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          2003 Topps Tribute World Series Collector?


          You have a complete set of the world series relics? I also have a complete set. As a matter of fact, I only need 10 more cards to complete a master set (minus the golds and 1/1 cuts). Would you at all be interested in trading/selling?


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            2003 Topps Tribute WS

            You are close. We may know each other on eBay. I am 7 cards away from completing a 2nd master set, excluding the signature cuts (I do have the Maris 1/1). I would be interested in trading if you have any of the following cards available for trade:
            Tribute Relics: TR-Hank Aaron #/50, TR-Jimmie Foxx #/50, TR-Roberto Clemente #/50
            Dual Relics: Ford/Berra, Skowron/Richardson
            Memorable Match-ups: Mazeroski/Ford, Wagner/Cobb

            I am looking for a few cards from the 2001 and 2002 Tribute series as well.


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              Nadeology - World Series Reply

              I would like to trade if you have any of the cards listed below. I have all of the #'d to 50 cards available that you need, but I only hold one Yankee Team Tribute (Skowron/Richardson) and I don't have the Wagner/Cobb. I do have the Mazeroski/Ford MM though. I also have an extra Lou Brock gold relic #'d to 25. Here's what I need:

              Team Tribute: Berra/Ford, Ruth/Gehrig
              Pastime Patches: Canseco, Schmidt, Kaline, Ripken, Trammell, Rice, Parker
              Memorable Matchups: Cobb/Wagner

              Let me know your thoughts if you're interested. If you were willing to part with your Wagner/Cobb, I'd be willing to give up quite a bit for that one (trade all 5 of the needs I have of yours above + the Brock gold relic, or cash), as they are so rare. I'd be happy trading for patches or anything else on my list too though if you have any of those. Let me can email me if you'd like at [email protected]. Either way. Thanks.
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                Originally posted by Nadeology View Post
                I would be surprised if Topps knew which year the bats or jersies were used (and amazed if they could pinpoint a specific game).
                The backs of current Topps relic cards specifically say that the relic on any given card is not from a specific season or game.
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