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  • what do you focus your collection on?

    Do you guys collect a certain player, autographed baseballs, etc? I know a guy who collects only Al Kaline cards and memorabilia. Ive recetnly started a Tim Lincecum collection.

    I have a few of his autographed rookie cards, quite a few normal rookie cards, an autographed baseball abd my pride, a game used ball thrown by him for his 160th K at a game I was at august 1st.

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    I collect anything and everything I can baseball related. I try to get all the Yankees and Alex Rodriguez cards I can.
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      I just collect what intrests me, (Red Sox autos), but now I'm starting to shift to Red Sox prospects. Michael Bowden personalized a photo to me without me even asking (great guy), and Ron Johnson signed the 2 cards I sent and threw in 2 of his own.
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        Modern and Vintage - White Sox cards and Nellie Fox
        Vintage - 1955 Bowman
        Collecting Nellie Fox and all Chicago White Sox cards
        My Fox Cards
        My White Sox Page


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          2008 UD series 1&2...


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            Red Sox, HOFers, random guys, etc...
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              Originally posted by gosox55 View Post
              Modern and Vintage - White Sox cards and Nellie Fox
              Vintage - 1955 Bowman
              my dad is from the south side and idolized nellie fox growing up. :cap:


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                during his playing days I collected everything Wade Boggs, now focused on autographs--- lately it has been my own painted portrait baseballs TTM but have several areas of autograph collecting


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                  i try to get pre-1970 cards mostly phillies. right now I'm trying to get a T-206 card.


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                    I've been collecting Dave Winfield and Matt Williams cards for years, but recently started some smaller player collections, both to see if I could complete the (in the case of Steve Howard, Dann Howitt and Dave Henderson) and to learn more about the players (Hensley Meulens, Bernardo Brito & Tuffy Rhodes).

                    So far, I've had a lot more fun in my current collecting with the lesser known guys...there are just way too many cards out there of the superstars. I find nothing fun about collecting 20 color variations of a single card, but scouring the web for an obscure 1998 team issue minor league card is a lot more enjoyable.
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                      I'm going to start a couple of collections:

                      Orioles Hall of Famers: All the members of the Oriole Hall of Fame. Should be fun for TTM, but I'll also need to buy some of the deceased members.

                      1988 Los Angeles Dodgers: This was the team that won the World Series the year I was born. A friend of mine was trying to collect the 1961 Yankees, and I thought it'd be cool to collect a team. They shouldn't be too tough as they don't seem to have any impossble/pricey autographs (at least that I know of).


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                        I collect anything, but I really like cards to go with baseball history. It's not really about the money although that's always nice. I always wanted to have at least one Topps card since 1951.

                        Here is a list of some of my favorites before 1980
                        T-206 Fred Tenney (Fred Merkle replaced him at first base in the NY Giants lineup in 1910)
                        1940 Buddy Hassett (For a long time it was my oldest card)
                        1953 Phil Rizzuto, Monte Irvin
                        1954 Ted Kluszewski
                        1959 Whammy Douglas (Nice name)
                        1960 Bill Mazeroski, Earl Wilson
                        1961 Joey Jay
                        1963 Bob Uecker
                        1964 Lou Brock and Ernie Broglio (before the trade)
                        1965 WS card from 1964 game 7 with Bob Gibson, Zoilo Versalles
                        1966 Frank Robinson (Orioles card in Reds uniform), Tony Perez, Joe Morgan
                        1967 Bob Gibson, Orlando Cepeda, Tony Oliva (I have HOFers from this set)
                        1968 Mickey Mantle (It's my only card of his while he was playing ... I traded a 1972 Steve Garvey for it)
                        1969 Hank and Tommie Aaron. Pretty ugly set thanks to expansion.
                        1970 Boog Powell, Ted Williams
                        1971 (Anything from this set ... this is the first year I collected cards ... I know it's not really that popular, but it was the first year action was used on player cards .... two favorites Oscar Gamble and Casey Cox ... I also like Joe Morgan, Jack Billingham, Cesar Geronimo and George Foster)
                        1972 Johnny Bench, Nolan Ryan (My oldest of his ... out of a pack)
                        1973 Roberto Clemente
                        1974 Dave Winfield, Mike Schmidt, Dave Concepcion
                        1975 George Brett, Fred Lynn, Robin Yount
                        1976 I completed this set last year (needed 15 cards)
                        1977 Mark Fidrych, Rusty Staub, Rob Carew and oh those ugly Blue Jays and Mariners cards.
                        1978 Another set I'm close to completing (don't know haven't worked on it lately)
                        1979 Johnny Bench
                        1980 Bought this set for $10 that year.
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                          A bunch of different things. There IS a method to my madness. I'm intrigued by the Bowman/Bowman Chrome/Bowman Draft/Bowman Sterling prospect cards. With autographs, I collect Mets (both MLB and Minor League), Tigers, guys my Dad remembers well and tells me about that I was too young to remember, families in baseball (thanks for the inspiration there, kearns643!), "also-ran" type players, prospects I've been following, Cuban ballplayers (of all neighbor who has shared so much baseball history with me is Cuban), and a little more.
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