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  • MiLB Auto Deadline

    When do you guys stops ending auto requests to minor leaguers because their season ends so early?

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    Oh, it does end early. Its a good thing you pointed that out.
    Hopefully what ever I've sent out will come soon. Otherwise I guess I will
    consider it lost. I won't send anything else out to the minor's
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      I'm waiting for a order to come in with a few cards of a couple recent late-season pickups for the Pawsox, which hopefully will come in Monday or Tuesday. I'll send them out right away, and then I'll be done for minor league requests for the year. The Pawsox final game is on Labor day. They'll make the playoffs, which start Sept 3, but I won't send anything else because I'm sure they'll be kinda busy to answer mail at that point.
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        I stopped sending out to minor and major leaguers last week.
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          I too have a sportlots order coming in and i will complete my ttm season. i still have a few minor leaguers that i think i will send out to


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            I have never gotten anything back that was sent out after August 20th. However, I have a few more things that are going to go out tomorrow morning then I will call it a season.
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              I've already stopped sending to the Minors because the season is a little shorter than the MLB season.


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                How do y'all handle September call-ups? Is it better to wait until Spring Training?
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                  I'll try a few more minors soon, then call it a season. If I have an offseason address, I send there. Otherwise, I wait till ST and the season.
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                    Originally posted by metrotheme View Post
                    How do y'all handle September call-ups? Is it better to wait until Spring Training?
                    It's better to wait until ST.
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