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    My father just brought me a bag full of baseball cards I collected in high school/early college. I'm guessing there's around 500 cards -- not many by most collectors' standards. They're all about 15-20 years old and different brands. I don't think they'd be worth much, but I was unemployed for a few months and won't get paid at my new job for quite awhile. Do anyone have any suggestions? I don't have time to look them all up in guides, and I wouldn't even know what to do with them even if I did.

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    Separate the most famous from the rest and start from there.
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      What years are they from? Unless you have some famous rookies it is unlikely anything stored in a baggy from 85-93/94 would be worht much but reall the cards that are worth the least are 89-92 in which there were extremely huge production runs (think hundreds of thousands), are worth the least. However as previously said, start by seperating the famous from the rest and also checking to see what the earliest year you have a card from is and we can start from there.


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