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2008 SGA Success Thread

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  • 2008 SGA Success Thread

    Here's a thread dedicated to our stadium giveaway successes for this season. These are my two highlights for this season, among the many magnets, team photos, and other handouts that were give.

    (note: I took these off eBay, as my bobbleheads are still in the box)

    Ryan Howard Bobblehead
    Chase Utley Bobblehead
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    Unfortunetely, Fenway doesn't give away memeorabilia, so none for me!
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      You guys have to see this giveaway. The Long Island Ducks gave these out a few weeks ago. Its a hotdog Bobbleheads. You know how the Brewers have a sausage race. Well here on Long Island we have the hot dog race. The 3 contestants are Mustard, Ketchup and Relush. They run out of the leftfield bullpen and race to homeplate.
      The picture I found online. My bobblehead is on the shelf in my cubicle at the office. Lets just say I get a lot of comments about it.
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        I picked up a Shea Stadium model on the night of that Rangers-Mets rainout where they were sliding all over the tarp. Pretty nice promotion considering it was free!
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          from this week at yankee stadium....a calculator and mousepad. going back tomorrow for final season snoopy doll.


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            got my snoopy doll plus mariano threw me a ball




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