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  • Anyone else have a website?

    So i'm creating a website mainly to display my own art, but i figured it'd be a half decent idea to have a gallery where other people can upload their favourite signed 8 x 10s and such, but that'll come later.

    Anyone interested in that sort of thing? I dont have a tonne of bandwidth, so we'll have to play it by ear, but i think its neat enough.

    For now,

    Does anyone else have a website that they'd like a link to? I'm in the process of slowly and surely creating this up, and if anyone has a neat site i'd be more than happy to link to it.

    Just reply to this thread with some info, i suppose.

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    Originally posted by topherkris View Post
    where other people can upload their favorite signed 8 x 10s and such, but that'll come later.
    Count me in. I have some of my signed 8x10's saved on my pc.
    Click here to see my autographed 8x10 collection


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      If I ever get any of my 8 x 10s scanned, I will let you know
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        i would like to link, my site is in my signature
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          I have a TON of stuff uploaded to my photobucket account.

          All my eBay stuff, a lot of autos (though not all) that I didn't upload with the eBay thread, plus some of my better unsigned cards.
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            i have a lot of autographed artwork in my collection, some are displayed on my site:


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              My sigs are on my site as well (clickable in my signature).
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                Great idea... Any suggestions for a good quality scanner?


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                  If I ever decide to not be lazy I think this is an awesome idea and I'd like to be a part of it. Right now I have about 40 or so autographs (balls, cards, 8x10's, etc) from Spring Training on my myspace page. If anyone is interested in seeing them let me know.


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                    Okay.. right now, i'm Slowly putting it together, so please be gentle.

                    the address currently is..


                    you should be able to register and upload photos to anything but "autographed art" or "baseball art"

                    someone give it a try and let me know..

                    forthe time being please please please do n ot upload giant files.


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                      --- blah di blah
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                        So, one person has joined and uploaded one photo.

                        I'm not sure if anyones interested in uploading photos (which works better than linking them to off site pages, the thumbnails work) but..

                        I figure i could do a few different 5x7's or 8x10s, just something quick fast as a thank you.

                        So if you join and upload a photo, i'll draw you something that you can mail out and ship it off to you free of charge.

                        the address is

                        I've enabled hot linking so you can feel free to use it as a picture holder to link files to this site.

                        Thats about it. Thanks.


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