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    Have you guys done any ttm projects? For example: Have you tried to get every living HOF'er on a poster, photo, etc? How about CY award winners?

    I know that Bill does family autographs which (in my opinion) is a great project.

    Mine was to get every living NY Giant (especially those who played 10-3-51 vs Brooklyn). I have a few more to go, and I doubt that I will get one in particular.

    So what about you?
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    I'm trying to get as many as possible from the 2007 Dunkin Donuts PawSox set, preferably on the cards from then. There's some I'll probably never get on those cards (Jacoby Ellsbury, Clay Buchholtz, Craig Hansen, Brandon Moss, etc...), but it's still a fun project.
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    2007 PawSox Dunkin Donuts set: 24/30.

    Still need: Kevin Cash, Jacoby Ellsbury, George Kottaras, Jon Lester, Brandon Moss and Ed Rogers.


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      Hobby projects you bet......

      You can tackle the "Family Autographs" like we do...

      Or do any number of other ones like:

      Players born on your birthday...

      Plug your day in a fire away...

      Players that went to your High School or in your state:

      Players in each years draft:

      and any other major or minor list that you can think of...its all about fun, its all about making lists (and checking them twice) and making plans to get them fullfilled. We do and each year we get better at it.

      Good Luck
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      Family Autograph Thread


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        Last off season I did the 53 Archives. I still need a few.Now I'm in the middle of sending out a ton of he 54 Archives.
        The other 2 projects will probably never end are, Mets, Yanks and anyone who is from here on Long Island.
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          My main TTM project is any player that played for the NY Mets. So far, I've got a good collection going. There will be a few that will be tough to get, but I will continue to work on it.


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            I've been trying to get autographs of all of the former major leaguers who hail from my home state of Rhode Island.

            There have been 71 major leaguers born in RI, of which about 20 some-odd are still living. Four are active (Paul Konerko, Rocco Baldelli, Dan Wheeler, and Chris Ianetta). I have three of those four, and plan to pick up Baldelli this winter via his chartiy. I have 17 total autographs of RI born players.
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              For me it's a combination of former Sawx players and guys from other teams I watched as a kid (and in some cases who I wished DID play for the Sawx). Just call it a potential AARP member reliving his childhood

              I do NOT get Yankee cards signed. If it's a card that has a player traded FROM the Yankees and the player is wearing a Yankee uniform with the hat logo blacked out, no problem. In fact, I kidded Neil Allen about how I had his Donruss '89 card and he got from my accent that I was from Boston.
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                I try to get as many Yankee players and past players as I can. I am also thinking about getting players born on my birthday and those born in the same city.
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                  Although I have many autograph projects (which I'll get to in a sec...), I have only one TTM project as of now: getting the autographs of the players that will have helped contribute to my article for publication about Steve Dalkowski. So far, I have...
                  -Steve himself.
                  -Pat Gillick
                  -Andy Etchebarren
                  -Earl Weaver

                  Still Waiting:
                  -Daryl Patterson

                  Just Sent Out:
                  -Al Ferrara (Included Fees)
                  -Andy Baylock

                  I plan to write:
                  -Paul Blair
                  -Davey Johnson

                  I am desperately looking for:
                  -Ray Youngdahl

                  Then there are my non-TTM projects, obtained mainly though not exclusively via eBay. These include...
                  -Families In Baseball (Idea shamelessly stolen from kearns643)
                  -New York Mets, past and present
                  -Detroit Tigers, past and present
                  -Guys my Dad saw play and can describe at length.
                  -Pitchers with funky deliveries and repertoires
                  -Busted Prospects
                  -"Also-rans" (Different from busted prospects in that they did not flop by failing to adapt to MLB pitching or blowing out their arms. A perfect example of an also-ran in my collection would be Smead Jolley, who succeeded on an MLB level, but preferred to stay in the PCL because of salary.)
                  -Cuban Ballplayers, especially those that competed in Cuba's National Series.
                  -Players who were an historical footnote for what they did on and/or off the field (An example of this in my collection in the former would be Jack Spring, the first pitcher to be used as a left-handed specialist for multiple seasons. An example in the latter would be Cooper Brannan, the first combat veteran from the Iraq War to pitch professionally.)
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                    My only project is to collect TTM as many autographs from living players born on my birthday as possible.

                    I was born on February 19th. I have:

                    Chris Stewart
                    Miguel Batista
                    Keith Kessinger
                    Wayne Rosenthal
                    Alvaro Espinoza
                    Keith Atherton
                    Tim Burke
                    Dave Cheadle
                    Jim Cosman
                    Gail Hopkins
                    Bill Kelso
                    Jim Weaver
                    Bill Sadowski
                    Don Taussig
                    Russ Sullivan

                    I need:

                    Dave Stewart
                    Jackie Moore
                    Russ Nixon

                    Of all the guys I need, I think Dave Stewart is going to be the hardest to come by.


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                      Originally posted by Cowtipper View Post
                      Russ Nixon
                      Great ttm signer. :cap:
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                        Originally posted by AutographCollector View Post
                        Great ttm signer. :cap:
                        Really? I've tried him four times - twice in 2005, once in 2006, and once in 2007 - and haven't received anything either time.


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                          I am working on getting every Red that played at Crosley Field.


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                            Originally posted by Cowtipper View Post
                            Really? I've tried him four times - twice in 2005, once in 2006, and once in 2007 - and haven't received anything either time.
                            I just sent you a pm.
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                              I love having a "theme" to really makes it a quest to track down everything you need to close out your set....

                              I've been working on a two themes...

                              All members of the '81 Dodgers....and I'm working on the 1981 Topps set....

                              While I know that I'll probably never close out the '81 Topps set, it's been quite fun....and in a relatively short time I've accumulated about 150 autographed cards from that set.

                              As for the '81 Dodgers....I am really narrowing that one down....I only need three more to close that one out.

                              All in all, it's been a lot of fun working on both sets....I'm sure completing one would be awesome...


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