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    I just ran across a set of 45rpm records from my childhood. They are titled "Baseball tips from the stars" and were released through Mars candy as a promotion. There are three in a set:"How to bat" with Stan Musial, Ernie Banks Duke Snider and Ken Boyer. "How to hit" with Warren Spahn, John Podres, Joey Jay and Don Drysdale. "How to field" with Willie Mays, John Roseboro, Gil Hodges and Don Hoak. They are copyrighted 1962. Has anyone here seen these before? Do you think they are worth anything to the collector? Appreciate any input.

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    I've never seen them. That sounds like a pretty odd and unique item that I would imagine would be worth a pretty good amount, especially if they're still in playable condition.


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      Thanks for the reply Pyro! Yeah I have had these for a long time and have never seen any others. I don't have any idea of where I can go to get a good estimate of their value.:noidea Anybody have any ideas? Attached is a photo of one of the covers. The cover is in much better condition than the photo shows due to resizing. Thanks again!

      baseball how to 1_2.JPG


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        Have you tried searching eBay for something similar? If someone's selling it, you could get an idea of what it's worth.
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          Yes I have tried ebay, can't seem to find anything like them.


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