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    I am researching a minor league umpire and recently saw a postcard online with his name on it that was sold in an auction a few years ago. The company told one of his relatives that a dealer purchased it and has since sold it.

    He is in his umpire uniform and the picture is at a minor league or major league ballpark probably somewhere in the midwest around 1905 to 1910. Beneath his photo is his name, and it looks like him, but I'm not positive as the online copy is a bit blurry.

    How would I go about finding another one of these postcards? Was it part of a series of postcards of players and umpires? If I knew where it was taken then maybe a Historical Society has a copy?
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    Who is he?

    The first thing we need is the umpires name.

    I specialize is extremely rare baseball cards, etc. from the turn of last century. I know of all prewar cards etc. that are cataloged, including all the postcards in the ACC (American Card Catalog).
    IMO I highly doubt it was from a series, unless its an Exhibit card. It is most likely a real photo postcard, and these are close to one of a kind in most cases.
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      His name was Bill Setley and it is a picture postcard with his name on the bottom. My guess it was during his time in the W. Association or Three III Leagues from 1905 to 1910. He did umpire for ML teams when they toured Cuba or played each other after their seasons had ended. Thanks.
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        Wild Bill

        Took a look at the Postcard on Hunt's. It is a "real photo" postcard, so it is most likely a one of a kind, or close to that. Real Photo postcards were made in very low numbers in the era, 90% are unique. The guy that won that lot sure got a deal, the Rose Co. postcard and PC796 Lajoie postcards alone are worth more than the $900 he paid.
        You may want to post on the best vintage message board, this board is viewed by the biggest and most serious of vintage collectors. Good chance the winner or new owner views it.

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        PS there are no cards of Wild Bill, he just missed them by 1-3 years as he started his Minor League career in 1891 and the N172 cards are from 1887-90.

        Good luck
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          Thanks for the link and I will submit on the site. I have his career starting in 1892 BTW.
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